Journal: Jan. 2, 2013

So much stuff happened over the past few days/holiday break that I didn’t really keep up with it all here. Lots of fun, hanging out with lots of people, lots of games played, lots of games made, lots of good food, lots of wacky hijinx. I celebrated New Year’s with the Fangamer guys, it was lots of fun.

I also got to show off some of my games there, which was cool, and the response was really nice. I’m glad to see that my PopShoot game is so easy for people to pick up and play and that everyone else was instantly like, “You know this could seriously be a real game we can sell.” And the fact that serious gamers and super casual gamers have all liked it so far is reassuring.

I’ve also been prototyping another game temporarily called Time Guy. It’s got an immense amount of potential but I only have so much time (heh) to work on stuff. I think I’m going to have to rewrite it from scratch soon as it’s all very held-together-by-duct-tape-y right now. An unexpected result is weirdly humorous writing that I had originally tossed in as filler but now it’s becoming more and more the focal point in my mind.

Most of the holiday time was spent not exercising and eating as well as usual, gonna fix that now that it’s back to normalcy. It’ll be nice to feel healthy again 😛 Also gotta get back in the swing of Legends of Localization!

Journal: Dec. 27, 2012

I got another good day of exercise and work done today, hooray! I also sort of negated it by eating a bunch of candy at night, oops. Darn these holidays and their tastiness

Oh yeah, I started up HCBailly’s Final Fantasy VII LP next, all together it’s like 130 episodes, and at my pace of about 6 or 7 episodes a day that’s gonna be a long-lasting one. I got up to the part where Cloud falls into the church.

I also got a little bit of time for some programming at the end of the day, and the results are already looking pretty interesting. Soon the head-exploding programming stuff will come though, hopefully I can figure it out.

It’s been a little tough doing EarthBound Central updates lately – I don’t want to post anything that might give readers the wrong impression about all this latest Itoi announcement stuff. For example, I was going to post EB Girl’s Christmas hack the other day, but when I was about to write the post I realized that the official title of the hack has “MOTHER 2.5” in it. Posting that so soon after Itoi’s announcement would’ve gotten a lot of people’s hopes up and possibly spread false info. So I’ll have to wait on that a bit. It’s a weird situation we’re in right now, I hope it’s eventually good news for non-Japanese fans though~

Journal: Dec. 26, 2012

I was tired so I slept in a bit later than usual, oops. But I still got back into the exercise groove, which was nice. I also finally finished the Secret of Mana LP I was watching, man that game just flew by, I barely remember it. I thin it’s because SoM seems to be lacking meat to it (for lack of a better word) – it’s a fun game but looking back after all these years it feels like it’s more of a hack-and-slash-a-thon than the epic storyline RPG it was going for. I’m guessing that’s because it supposedly had a ton of content cut out. I really like how many bosses are in the game, it definitely kept true to the first game in that sense.

Got a decent amount of work done too. I used my little bits of spare time to work on my Mother 3 notes a little bit and then try my hand at Garry’s Mod scripting. I’d actually only played GMod less than a few minutes before starting the scripting stuff, so it’s like learning two things at once 😛 Right now I’m getting my feet wet and have it so that guns will spawn oil drums that then fly off like crows.

I also got a cool new design idea for this game I’ve had in my head for a week now, but to get a test implementation running might take a week or two, so I’ll probably hold off on it for now. Gotta focus on work and the Mother 3 notes, and possibly do a Final Fantasy IV localization update sometime. I hate leaving projects undone, so that one’s gonna be on my brain for a good while.

Oh yeah, I also ate relatively okay throughout the day until night, when I discovered some cheap Christmas candy on sale. Oops, I ate a solid chocolate Santa in less than a minute. Oh, and for lunch I had a chicken nugget triforce

Journal: Dec. 24 and 25, 2012

Oh man, so much stuff was going on that I didn’t keep track of it all. Good ol’ Ben, Jack, and Jenna visited again and stayed over. We played many games, ate many foods, had many drinks, watched lots of stuff, had lots of laughs.

They also reintroduced me to Steam and uh oh

New Game: The Gates of What

So the other day I mentioned I did a personal game jam-type of challenge to see what kind of game I could make in just a few hours. The result is something I call The Gates of What:

The Gates of What 2012-12-25 10-41-18-70 The Gates of What 2012-12-25 10-41-23-72

I wrote it in XNA and it’s a Windows game, although I could probably port it to other platforms. It also has some slight bugs for obvious reasons, but I felt it would be against the spirit of the challenge to go back now and fix them.

Anyway, it’s a short game that makes little sense, but then again that’s how I like my crappy games!

To do stuff, press Space or if you have an Xbox controller hooked up to your computer, one of the buttons on there will work too.

Journal: Dec. 23, 2012

Today was a super-day off-day – no exercise at all, no work. I wound up mostly cleaning around the house, doing some more shopping, and then I decided to use the few hours of precious free time I had to challenge myself and see what kind of game I could make in just a couple hours. Having limitations is always the most fun and is always the most productive environment for me. The result is obviously nothing great – I’ll probably post it in a day or two – but it was really interesting how the creative process worked with it. I had NO idea what kind of game to make at first, so it turned out to be a very flow-of-consciousness type thing.

Forgot to take pics too, oops 🙁

Journal: Dec. 22, 2012

I decided today was gonna be a day off, so no work! I also only did cardio exercise today, no weights. Which is probably for the best since rest days are important. In the SoM LP I got to the part where the Mana Fortress is revived and now HCBailly is on his way to get the Mana Sword revived. Almost done with the game already :O

We went shopping at various places and picked up some neat foods and chips. I love the World Market especially, it’s just too bad the aisles are so terrible and tiny.

The rest of the day/night was spent having fun with Jack, Jenna, and Ben. Lots of games, lots of good food, lots of fun. I was able to show off my dinky little XNA games to them and was surprised at how well they enjoyed it, especially my secret game PopShoot. It’s definitely a project I’m gonna continue to pursue, given the reaction. Here’s Shark Ghost Eater in action!


We also finally got to see the 3D Chimera Hunt map Jack made, holy crap that thing was amazing. I definitely want to post some sort of tour/video of it on EB Central sometime. And then he showed off his Millennial Fair map and was blown away at how much better it seemed than the actual game it was based on 😯 And Ben’s technical music-knowing stuff was crazy. Man, they all got some serious talent.

Oh yeah, I made a star for our tree


Journal: Dec. 21, 2012

Another good day of exercise and work. Just beat the shadow temple in the Secret of Mana LP I’m watching.

Had some burgers steamed hams for dinner too!

I forget what else I did, oops. I do know that I very briefly checked that Itoi bass fishing game to see how hackable/translatable it would be. The font is compressed, which makes things harder, so I gave up at that point. The good news is that the existing font contains upper and lowercase English letters, but the font widths are so crazy that it might not be worth it. Anyway, I don’t plan on working on it, I mostly wanted to see if it was possible. Maybe if I’m ever super-bored and have lots of free time someday, but I can’t see myself translating a fishing game unless it’s particularly great, which I don’t know if this is.

I also downloaded Unity to try and learn the ropes of game-making with it, but the installer is corrupt or something and it always fails however many times I download it 🙁 I also started jotting down notes for a game idea I’ve had in my head for weeks. I think it might be cool if I can work it out, but it’s gonna be some mind-bending stuff so I might not get far.

For the Mother 3 patch, I’m probably going to hold off on releasing it until I know what the deal is with Itoi’s recent announcement. But I’ll probably still slowly work on it – it’s mostly done, the big issues are getting the new disclaimer screen in (which is being surprisingly tough) and doing testing. I’m pretty sure we’ll release the 1.2 patch eventually, just not so close to any big announcements on Itoi’s/Nintendo’s part.

Journal: Dec. 20, 2012

Good exercise and work done again. Got to the first town in the Empire in the SoM LP – the part where you get the “634” password. I liked that game so much back in the day that I sometimes used that password for school passwords and stuff. I haven’t played the game since then really, so it’s interesting to see how much I remember about the game – which is pretty a lot.

Then, immediately after morning exercise came the big announcement by Itoi – and holy crap I posted an update on EBC about that so fast. News quickly spread, and as always happens during these really rare times, it was hard to concentrate on anything all day 😛 I’m still of the belief that he’s just going to tweak and re-release the games on the 3DS eShop or whatever, but a Mother 1 remake using Mother 3’s graphics (like this) would be so cool 😛

Today was also our first anniversary, but things got so crazy and busy that we didn’t do much. After we got married we did the really romantic thing and went to a thrift store, a convenience store, and bought the HD Metal Gear Solid collection. So this year we started playing the Peace Walker part of that collection, but only got as far as the start of the prologue before we were too sleepy to continue. We did play part of the PSP version a while ago, only to as far as the tank boss near the beginning. It’s so hard to start games these days, especially if the pacing is bad at the very beginning, like it is with Peace Walker where they just info-dump all the controls at your face.

And I guess the world is about to end but oh well

Journal: Dec. 19, 2012

Today I really wanted to sleep in and almost did, but I fought off the evil demon of slumber and got a slightly late start. I did really good exercise and got lots of work done. I got up to almost getting Flammie in the SoM LP I’m watching.


Poe decided to take our old weights in to Fangamer so she can work out there – and so the guys there can possibly get some exercise in too. I’m amazed at how light and toy-like they are to me now! I guess I’ve made a lot more progress than I realized.


I’m currently in 35 – 45 pound range on the new weights, the old ones only went up to 25. At this rate I’ll hit the 52.5 maximum before long. I dunno what I’ll do then, maybe I’ll just stay there.

Our anniversary’s on the 20th, but since we’re both gonna be pretty busy that day we decided to get a cake the night before and have some on both days, heh. Got a nice snowman cake or something:


It was good.

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