Journal: Jan. 11, 2012

More of the same today – good exercise, ate pretty well until the end of the day, did a lot of work, got a lot of project work done. In the FF7 LP I’m up to where you leave Cosmo Canyon – I always forget about that dungeon below/behind there that you gotta do. It’s nice and spooky, I don’t know how I keep forgetting about it!

I also got about 15 minutes to play Pushmo – what little I’ve played is really neat! But the game programmer in me can’t help but focus on all the little bells and whistles that nobody else notices, like trying to figure out the easing function used when the congratulations message bobs up and down 😛 I even started taking notes so that I can use ideas for my own stuff.

I also took a nice walk with Poe through the desert area behind our apartments. We live away from the main city so it’s still nice and isolated in a way. It makes me miss when I used to walk around the little desert mountain across the street from where I grew up.

Relaxing at the end of the day:


Journal: Jan. 10, 2012

Did lots of good work and lots of good exercise today. I also got a lot of other stuff done, all around a very productive day. In the FF7 LP I’m watching I got past the first Chocobo race and to where you fight the Turks outside of Gongaga or whatever that place is that I always forget exists in the game.

I ate well all day until maybe dinner when we had some delicious green curry:


I love all kinds of curry – we usually have three or four different kinds in the house at any one time. Make a curry flavored anything and I’ll probably buy it!

Journal: Jan. 9, 2012

More of the same today – got up late and didn’t exercise as much as normal 😐 I think I’m going to rearrange my exercise stuff a little bit.

I had lots of job work to do but I also managed to get some time for other things, which I spent mostly on working on the MOTHER 3 translation notes. It’s gonna be at least a few more days until I’m happy enough with things to post the start of them online. I feel torn between doing FFIV and MOTHER 3, I feel like I’m cheating on FFIV somehow, heh.

I’m also worried that I might be overdoing stuff with the M3 notes and going overboard with detailed stuff. I think what I might do is only highlight some of the really big stuff now and save the detailed stuff/slightly-off-topic stuff for the print version which I still hope to do. If I do it that way I can get these pages up more quickly too.

You know what’d be cool? If for the print version of the notes I included scratch n sniff cards like how EarthBound’s guide had those smelly cards. I wonder what some good smells might be to use.

I also continued work on the Challenge Mode for PopShoot, but with so little time per day it’s going to take a while to get it to where I want it to be. Plus it’s hard to even think up challenges for it. This is gonna be tough. I also really need to reorganize the code but I know if I do that I’ll get sick of it and progress will stall on it. I don’t want that to happen, this is a really fun game!

Journal: Jan. 8, 2012

Got up at my normal time finally, hooray! I also did my usual exercise after many days of skipping it. I took it easy on the weights though due to hurting my elbow the other day and lack of time. In the FF7 LP I’m watching I got to the part with the dolphin and the CPR stuff. I forgot how crazy long this game is 😯 Ate healthily until dinner/dessert, mostly due to lack of time.

Work wound up expanding to fill every moment of my time during the day, so I didn’t get much more done. I did get a little more time for my Mother 3 translation notes late at night but that’s it.

Poe recently started working on the Fangamer blog and already it’s doing really well and showing more results than ever before. Now to try to convince Reid to do a Kickstarter for Retro Game Challenge 2 😛

Journal: Jan. 7, 2012

Uh oh, bad me! I slept through my alarm and wound up getting late, didn’t exercise at all, and ate a bunch of junk food all day. Well, I guess it’s okay once in a while.

I also did lots of work and later did more research-type stuff for other work. I also sat down and started to make a list of all my projects in progress or projects I want to do but haven’t started. I feel I forgot some things so I’m sure the list itself will be a project of its own 😛

I also did some work on EarthBound Central stuff, mostly looking at how its ads did over the last year so I can see if it can be improved in any way. The site doesn’t make much money but it’s helped me through some rough spots in the past. Anyway, I downloaded a bunch of data on how the site performed last year, except it was all in Excel format, which I converted to CSV and then had to do a bunch of work by hand to import that data into a MySQL database. From there, I’m able to analyze the data much more easily and identify all sorts of trends. I still need to do more work with this later but I’m glad I finally got around to doing it – I meant to do this last year too but just got lazy and pushed it off for a whole year.

I also worked for a bit on my MOTHER 3 translation notes, they’re coming along nicely. I often check back on the development discussions for details and info, which is another plus of being the translator for the translation I’m analyzing.

Then I began work on adding a new mode to PopShoot, a game I’m hoping someday I can sell for actual money on a variety of platforms. Everyone I’ve shown the game too starts out with, “Hmm? What’s this?” and then within 30 seconds they’re like, “Oh!” And then the brain drugs start flowing. After showing it to a few people around the Fangamer office I decided to start beefing the game up more, so I’m going to try to work on it a tiny bit a day, even if it’s just the tiniest little bit of progress.

Then it was time for dinner – Chinese food while watching the AVGN. A nice, relaxing way to end the day.

Journal: Jan. 6, 2012

Had another day mostly off yesterday – did a tiny bit of work but for the most part just lounged around and then went to see Django Unchained. Hung out with friends after that and then went to bed.

The movie was cool, maybe just a tad too long but it had good pacing and interesting content so I didn’t mind too much. And FINALLY people will know that the “d” in the name is silent! It’s come up a lot in my anime translating stuff and so often unofficial translators would claim I was wrong and crazy for using “Django” instead of “Jango” or people would pronounce it with the “d” and I’m like noooooooo

Also, one of these days it might be neat to try to do some sort of Fangamer CX sort of thing. I’m not sure how it’d work but it seems like such a good fit for them to do.

Journal: Jan. 5, 2012

In a rush today so here’s the quick summary!

Slept in, no exercise, just a tiny bit of work, went shopping and went a little overboard buying yummy strange things, worked a little more with 3D programming (would like to make a simple 2.5D scrolling game soon to get my bearings with it, most likely with Paper Mario-like flat surfaces for everything), got Pushmo but haven’t actually turned it on yet, gonna try out some other games recommended by people soon (thanks!) and ate a lot of said yummy strange food.

This is only half of this day's weird food shopping too...

This is only half of this day’s weird food shopping too…

Also I ran across this image but I’m not sure where it comes from. It makes it clear what horsetail plants are, which is a topic I covered in my Super Mario Bros. 1 Legends of Localization thing a while back. Anyone know where it’s from?


Journal: Jan. 4, 2012

It’s still hard to get up at the normal time so I slept in about half an hour or so and got a late start on the day. While doing cardio I got through the giant Sephiroth backstory in the FF7 LP I’m watching. Then I suddenly hurt my elbow while changing clothes so I didn’t do any more exercise the rest of the day – I’ll probably have to stay away from weights and other such stuff for a few more days.

My printer has finally started to act its age and is starting to show signs of dying. It’s a shame, it’s been the best printer I’ve used, but it’s also like 10 years old so maybe they’ve gotten better since then. I’m not hopeful though 😛

The other day I finally bought a game for my 3DS – my one and only game so far is Mario Land 2! I loved that game when it came out twenty years ago. Holy crap twenty years ago. While looking through the eShop I saw very little that interested me, but if anyone has any suggestions let me know. I don’t have the time or energy to play long games like you might find at actual stores, so the shorter/more concentrated the fun is, the more I’ll like it. As it is now, I foresee my 3DS being my “handheld that just plays old games” system.

I also did work and work-related research stuff – translating is just one part of my job, a part people often don’t think about is the amount of research that goes into this stuff.

During my super brief amount of free time I also decided to look into how to do some basic 3D stuff in XNA. It’s easy enough to import .fbx models, so I had a Ness model up and rotating in no time. My next step was to create a flat rectangle with a texture on it, but that’s actually surprisingly a lot of work and is still way over my head. I want to at least finally learn the super basics of 3D so I can widen my skill set and possibly do some 3D stuff with some of my future games.

3dtest 2013-01-05 13-54-14-24

Oh yeah, I also saw that the soundtrack for Last Exile season 2 was on iTunes so I grabbed it. I don’t know if it has every song in the show but it has some of my favorites. Some really good music in there! There’s even one that sounds like a twist on the Kakariko Village theme that always messed with my brain at first.

It’s track 13 here: iTunes album

Right now I’m also fond of tracks 1 and 10, but I feel like there are some songs from the show missing that I really liked too.

Journal: Jan. 3, 2013

It’s still hard to get up at my early time again, but I did it anyway. Did lots of good exercise and got work done too. I got up to the part where you infiltrate Shinra Tower and fight Rufus in the FF7 LP. One of my most vivid memories of FF7 is seeing those long trails of blood that go up the tower. It was one of those WTF moments back then for me, I guess it was because Final Fantasy games hadn’t done anything like that before. So much WTF going on at that part of the game too.

I spent the last day or two writing up some stuff with a humorous slant to it. It’s weird, I usually don’t do writing like that, but it’s surprisingly fun and comes natural. I want to implant it into a game – I started to with my super early prototype of Time Guy the other day. Gonna have to replan that game from scratch though.

While doing some random image searches I saw this:


I was confused at first – it looked like something from Onett in EarthBound. Then I realized it was actually a circuit board for a computer.

THEN I realized that holy crap it looks just like stuff out of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past!

Journal: Jan. 2, 2013

Oops I realized I said my last journal entry was for January 2nd but THIS one is for what happened on Jan. 2.

After trying to talk myself out of it I finally got up at my normal time of 6:00. I missed sleeping in. I also got back on the good exercise and healthy eating wagon, as expected it was hard to wean myself off of all those holiday treats 😛 I also got a little bit of work done – work is nice and simple right now so it’s a nice way to slowly get back into that groove too. Oh yeah, and I got started on that FF7 LP I was watching – I just got to the part with the cut scene about Aeris’ mom’s back story and how her foster mom’s husband died in the war. I always liked that tiny little story.

Speaking of work, the other day at the New Year’s party I met a guy who was talking about the Witchblade anime and I was like, “Hey, I worked on that!” It’s neat to be able to say that these days – for the last many years I lived around old smelly people who barely even know that Japan exists, much less know about anime.

Oh yeah, I also tried out the new protein I ordered, and holy moly it’s much better than the usual crap I get. It’s a tiny bit more expensive but I recently got Amazon Prime, so the shipping’s free, which is a big plus.

And speaking of Amazon, the other day I also decided to go through my wishlist and saw a couple books on there that were really cheap and I could get free shipping on. Darn you Amazon, your marketing ploys work too well! Anyway, the books arrived and I have yet to read them, but hopefully they’ll teach me a few things about graphic design and layout and online graphic design stuff. Although it appears one of them was written in 2001 and features Netscape Navigator screenshots of web pages, so that one might not be so helpful after all, hmm.


Oh, the other day I got a 3DS finally, despite not really having time to play games. I’ll probably stick to short, downloadable games rather than big, time-consuming retail releases. Plus very few of the retail games interest me at all. If you’ve got a 3DS and wanna add me as a friend for whatever reason (I honestly don’t even know what being someone’s friend on it does) my code is:


Let me know your code in the comments and I’ll add you back!

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