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The Internets

The last couple of weeks I’ve somehow gotten on gaming sites’ radars without really doing anything. But the weirdest thing of all is hearing Internet people say my name out loud. I still gotta get used to that 😯 Here’s me mentioned on Screw Attack’s news thing Here’s my mentioned in GameTrailers’ Pop Fiction series […]

Journal: Jan. 6, 2012

Had another day mostly off yesterday – did a tiny bit of work but for the most part just lounged around and then went to see Django Unchained. Hung out with friends after that and then went to bed. The movie was cool, maybe just a tad too long but it had good pacing and […]

Some Tunes

Unrelated to anything else, here are some songs I discovered this week that I’ve been especially fond of. I’ve been liking chiptune-type stuff lately, so a couple of these are like that. The Odyssey Monty – Sarcophaser (Lepeltheme) SnHDnH-metal

Getting Rid of Stuff

I’ve been selling a lot of stuff of mine on eBay lately, but I have a bunch of stuff I know wouldn’t sell for very much and that I’d end up losing money on if I listed them. So I’m planning on either donating these or giving them out to anyone here who’s interested. If […]

Maybe I’m Getting Old

A while back I got a PS3, and one of the first games I got was Uncharted because everyone was raving about the second game and how great it was. I wanted to play the first one first just so I wasn’t left out of the loop. I quickly found it extremely tedious and it […]

This Thing Still On?

I’m hoping to eventually make this place my new main site. I’m terrible at keeping blogs/sites updated though. But I think it’s time to get a lot of my old site’s content back up, I get a lot of questions about stuff that I can’t point people to anymore. I’ve been working on a project […]

Don’t Eat That!

“Have a friend toss different sports balls in the air and catch them like Yoshi would catch fruit.” I’m not sure that’s the smartest idea 😯 Also, the language nerd in me is required to point out that the ambiguous wording making it possible that the friend is supposed to catch the fruit instead of […]


This site got neglected. Someday it will be better, for now it will be a place for stuff. Been working on a secret thing for a long while now. It’s neat and I think people will like it. In a month or two I’ll need people to help test it out.

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