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Various Project Status Updates

Gonna be temporarily off the Internet for a while soon so I thought I’d give some updates on projects now rather than when I get back and am too busy catching up with the InterTubes. Legend of Boop If you’ll recall, this was a Zelda 1 clone I was working on a few months back. […]

Gathering Supplies

A few weeks ago I posted about how a Final Fantasy IV for the original Famicom might’ve been further along than most people realized. For reference, see here. I also mentioned finding an issue of the magazine the info supposedly came from – but was unsure if it was the correct issue. Well, I went […]

Kamaitachi no Yoru Translation Stuff

For a very long time now (maybe the past ten years or so) I’ve had the strong urge to ROM hack and translate a “meatier” game – most games have very simple, generic text, but there are lots of Japanese games out there with text that goes beyond what most Western gamers are used to. […]

Tomato Adventure Translation Stuff

A long while back, after finishing the Mother 3 translation, I still had the itch to translate neglected GBA games. My first choice was Tomato Adventure, and after what I learned from Mother 3, hacking this game was a cinch for the most part. I quickly realized, though, that the project was going to be […]

Game Swag!

A few weeks ago I opened a site I’ve been working on for a long time called Game Swag. It’s a database of gaming-related merchandise, like a Wiki, basically. It’s also got news too. You can even keep track of what you have and what you want, kind of like Backloggery! Anyway, there’s a lot […]

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