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Algorithms are Antimatter

This past week I’ve been working (with what little time I have) on improving a little game I came up with. I was having a little problem with collision detection though, it was pretty inefficient and would on occasion slaughter the frame rate. I knew I needed to come up with a new algorithm and […]

A Game

I fully intend to continue the Zelda clone stuff in due time, but as mentioned in my last post I wanted to try out a new game idea I came up with recently. I implemented the very basic stuff last night and spent a few hours adding onto it this afternoon… and man oh man […]

Zelda Clone Development, Part 35 & 36

I needed to figure out how to do collision detection with rotated rectangles. Apparently this is the key to it, but hell if I understood it all. Luckily there are existing implementations out there, so with a few hours of tweaking I was able to get it working! Here’s the current build of the intro […]

Zelda Clone Development, Part 34

Over the last couple days I’ve worked on the actual content portion of what’s to be the first “intro” dungeon in the game. It’s still very, very rough and going to change a lot eventually, but here’s a quick look at what I have done so far. Basically, as this is an intro to the […]

Zelda Clone Development, Part 33

Despite not feeling so great, I was able to redo the scripting language framework I was using. What I decided to do was this: since I already decided to keep the map editor super-bare bones, it would make more sense to simply use C# + the super-simple scripting system I already have in place. This […]

Zelda Clone Development, Part 32

Over the last few days I got a couple more things done. I reorganized some stuff, added some lighting-related stuff, and started working on an early test version of the game’s intro. Since the intro is meant to introduce a lot of elements used in the rest of the game, working on an early implementation […]

Zelda Clone Development, Part 31

A bit tired tonight so no big write-up this time. Mostly made some small, incremental improvements since the last video. Working on actual game stuff rather than ugly, boring internals is keeping the project fun. Got a lot of ugly and tedious internal rewrites to do, and need to implement a basic lighting system at […]

Working on a Zelda Clone, Part 30

Not too much accomplished in the last few days. Where to go from here I’ve gotten a lot of the basic framework done. A lot of internal stuff still needs to be improved or redone, but the basic stuff is there. The problem is that none of that work is fun, and even with the […]

Working on a Zelda Clone, Part 29

I’m still feeling a little burned out, so today I decided to tackle the issue of how to make the game play properly in full screen. I tried this a while back, but the game was automatically stretched out in an ugly way then. After looking around online, it sounded like getting XNA games to […]

Working on a Zelda Clone, Part 28

Felt a little burned out and uninspired today, so I only got a couple things done. More script commands I added some more commands to the scripting language system I put together the other day. The big new addition is that I can change the current screen’s tiles at any point in an event script. […]

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