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Gathering Supplies

A few weeks ago I posted about how a Final Fantasy IV for the original Famicom might’ve been further along than most people realized. For reference, see here. I also mentioned finding an issue of the magazine the info supposedly came from – but was unsure if it was the correct issue. Well, I went […]

Final Fantasy IV Comparison: Mt. Ordeals

It’s been a long time coming (and a lot of work!) but at last it’s time to climb Mt. Ordeals and turn into a Paladin! Check out the localization comparison stuff here! On another note, I’ve decided it would help my workflow a lot if I play through the game entirely first, rather than play […]

Legends of Localization Bonus: Super Mario Bros. Trick on NES Top Loader

Last year I wrote about a neat Super Mario Bros. trick well-known by Japanese fans but virtually unknown by anyone outside of Japan – see here for more info. I never did get around to trying it out for myself even though I now own a Famicom and the Japanese versions of Super Mario Bros. […]

Final Fantasy IV Comparison: Mysidia

It took a while, but today we’re visiting Mysidia for the first time! Prayers, pubs, and twins await! See here!

Legends of Localization Bonus: Low Hearts in Zelda

I got a question the other day by a reader of my Zelda comparison site asking about how the music in the game sounds in both versions when you’re low on health: The reason I’m writing to you is that, since I started playing the original LoZ in the Wii Virtual Console, something has been […]

Final Fantasy IV Comparison: Fabul

Today we visit fabulous Fabul, full of monks and invasions. A lot happens at this part of the game, so get your reading glasses and then click here!

Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Mt. Hobs

Today we visit Mt. Hobs, meet a really sneezy karate man, and fight some motherbombing bombs! ACHOOO! Fabul is up next, and that’s definitely going to take a really long time. And after THAT is Mysidia, and after THAT is Mt. Ordeals, a huge plot area. So just as a heads-up, the pace I’ve been […]

Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Antlion Cave

Today we venture into the Antlion Cave, kill some bugs, pour light on a girl, and then talk to dead ghost girlfriends!

Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Damcyan

Do you like spoons? Do you like bards? Well, have I got just the thing for you!

Mato Mailbag

I’ve been getting lots of interesting and helpful e-mails over the past few weeks from readers – and there are a few that I’d like to share. So here’s one I just got: Subject: Your site is almost as big a time sink as TV Tropes… To TomAto Hey, I’ve been reading your site for […]

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