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A Status Update of Stuff!

A lot’s been going on the past month or two. I programmed a game! I’ve started moving Legends of Localization to its own site! I had a MOTHER 2 live stream party playthrough wacky weird day with the Fangamer folks when the game was re-released in Japan earlier this week! I did other stuff I […]

A Question for Legends of Localization Readers!

Something I’ve debated doing for a while now is allowing people to comment on individual pages on my Legends of Localization projects. Like, each individual page that takes up a chapter or town or whatever. An example of what I mean is this. Would it be good to allow comments at the bottom of pages […]

New Legends of Localization: MOTHER 3

I’ve been talking about working on my MOTHER 3 translation notes forever, and finally I have something to show for it! There’s a new Legends of Localization page up now for MOTHER 3 here! Check it out, there’s lots of neat info, including stuff that’s never been revealed before until now! I’m still not sure […]

Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Mysidia #2

Hooray, I finally updated my Final Fantasy IV comparison stuff! This time we visit Mysidia after turning into a Paladin! Check it out here! I’m still working without my main computer and have been really busy juggling moving stuff with real-life work stuff and many other things. To try to streamline stuff I put together […]

Various Project Status Updates

Gonna be temporarily off the Internet for a while soon so I thought I’d give some updates on projects now rather than when I get back and am too busy catching up with the InterTubes. Legend of Boop If you’ll recall, this was a Zelda 1 clone I was working on a few months back. […]

Japanese Text DIfferences in Final Fantasy IV?

I got this e-mail recently from Bartolo: I’ve loved reading your notes on the translation of Final Fantasy 4 (I think it’s really given me a new appreciation for what the localizers were able to do with the English release of the game, given what limited resources they had. Certainly it’s worlds better than the […]

Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Intro Updated Again

I’ve been super, super low on free time lately. Maybe like ten minutes every few days for the FFIV stuff. But I managed to snag a few minutes before dinner tonight to update all the pages with some better formatting and some small new tidbits. Then I added a bunch of PSP / GBA / […]

Final Fantasy IV 16-Bit Screenshots Done

I finally finished playing through all three 16-bit versions of Final Fantasy IV… man, that took a lot longer than I thought 😯 My schedule’s been really rough the past few weeks and will probably continue to be so for the foreseeable future (and I’m planning a cross-country move in a few weeks), but I […]

Call for FFIV Screenshots

Over the past few weeks a couple really nice people have been helping me out with my Final Fantasy IV comparison stuff by sending lots of screenshots from versions of FFIV that I’m not actively playing – namely the Playstation version and the J2E fan translation. I’d love to have more screenshots to reference if […]

A Look at Final Fantasy IV’s Beer

I often update existing Final Fantasy IV analysis pages with new stuff, whether it’s because of new info someone’s provided, helpful screenshots people have sent in, or what have you. I don’t usually announce these updates, but here’s one I thought would be worth mentioning here: I compared all five translations of the game in […]

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