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Anime Explosion!

Yesterday I got a ton of recent-ish stuff I worked on! I sometimes forget how many different shows I’ve worked on, but when I see it like this it’s like oh man holy crap. This is just a tiny piece of what I’ve worked on over the past ten years or so too 😯 Speaking […]

Journal: Jan. 11, 2012

More of the same today – good exercise, ate pretty well until the end of the day, did a lot of work, got a lot of project work done. In the FF7 LP I’m up to where you leave Cosmo Canyon – I always forget about that dungeon below/behind there that you gotta do. It’s […]

Journal: Jan. 10, 2012

Did lots of good work and lots of good exercise today. I also got a lot of other stuff done, all around a very productive day. In the FF7 LP I’m watching I got past the first Chocobo race and to where you fight the Turks outside of Gongaga or whatever that place is that […]

Journal: Jan. 9, 2012

More of the same today – got up late and didn’t exercise as much as normal 😐 I think I’m going to rearrange my exercise stuff a little bit. I had lots of job work to do but I also managed to get some time for other things, which I spent mostly on working on […]

Journal: Jan. 8, 2012

Got up at my normal time finally, hooray! I also did my usual exercise after many days of skipping it. I took it easy on the weights though due to hurting my elbow the other day and lack of time. In the FF7 LP I’m watching I got to the part with the dolphin and […]

Journal: Jan. 7, 2012

Uh oh, bad me! I slept through my alarm and wound up getting late, didn’t exercise at all, and ate a bunch of junk food all day. Well, I guess it’s okay once in a while. I also did lots of work and later did more research-type stuff for other work. I also sat down […]

Journal: Jan. 5, 2012

In a rush today so here’s the quick summary! Slept in, no exercise, just a tiny bit of work, went shopping and went a little overboard buying yummy strange things, worked a little more with 3D programming (would like to make a simple 2.5D scrolling game soon to get my bearings with it, most likely […]

Journal: Jan. 4, 2012

It’s still hard to get up at the normal time so I slept in about half an hour or so and got a late start on the day. While doing cardio I got through the giant Sephiroth backstory in the FF7 LP I’m watching. Then I suddenly hurt my elbow while changing clothes so I […]

Journal: Jan. 3, 2013

It’s still hard to get up at my early time again, but I did it anyway. Did lots of good exercise and got work done too. I got up to the part where you infiltrate Shinra Tower and fight Rufus in the FF7 LP. One of my most vivid memories of FF7 is seeing those […]

Journal: Jan. 2, 2013

Oops I realized I said my last journal entry was for January 2nd but THIS one is for what happened on Jan. 2. After trying to talk myself out of it I finally got up at my normal time of 6:00. I missed sleeping in. I also got back on the good exercise and healthy […]

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