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Some Japanese Toys

Came across these on Amazon Japan, in the toy area. Strange thing to give a little kid, weird words to teach a little Japanese kid too.

Hello, This is Japan Speaking

Food Fight Episode 3

I realized that ten years ago today was when I caught my first full episode of Food Fight, episode #3. It’s also one of my favorites. So here it is again, with my really really old subs: For those that remember, here’s a trip down memory lane!

Who Ya Gonna Call? I Dunno Anymore…

So apparently this novel was recently released in Japan. I found out about it because Amazon Japan mailed me about it, for whatever reason. Usually I don’t pay attention to Amazon Japan’s e-mails, but the title of this particular novel caught my eye: ゴーストバスターズ. Ghost Busters. What? It was written by a Japanese guy, so […]

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