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The De-Evolution of Video Game Localization

Nadia Oxford recently posted an article on about the recent issue in which mobile games and indie games generally don’t have good localizations. It’s an interesting read and features commentary by Alexander O. Smith (a living legend in this industry) and me! Check out the article here!

AGM MOTHER 3 Translation Interview

A few years back I was asked to do an interview for Active Gaming Media, which focuses a lot on game localization. It was kind of surprising since it seemed to focus on the professional side of things, but I was asked to discuss the MOTHER 3 fan translation. Not only did they post the […]

Interview in German Gaming Magazine

A while back I did a quick interview for a writer for a German gaming magazine. The issue was published a few months ago and he sent me a scan of the article, except I’m not actually sure what it says about me 😛 I’d be curious to know, so if any German-speaking folks are […]

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