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Some Thoughts on Some Games

I’ve been in a gaming funk lately (well, maybe for years and years now) but I decided to try playing some more games recently despite lack of time. The one game I decided to try was Spec Ops: The Line because Jeff of EarthBound Saga/Fangamer fame lent it to me saying it was good. I […]

New Game: The Gates of What

So the other day I mentioned I did a personal game jam-type of challenge to see what kind of game I could make in just a few hours. The result is something I call The Gates of What: I wrote it in XNA and it’s a Windows game, although I could probably port it to […]

Legend of Boop – super alpha version .0000001

Since I haven’t had time to work on my game stuff lately I thought I’d at least share my current build of Stabby/Legend of Boop for readers to check out: The current build is basically just me testing a bunch of stuff, like event scripts, room/world connections, inventory stuff, things like that. I don’t know […]

Final Fantasy PSP Graphics

Sometimes people ask why I (and others) dislike the graphics in the various PSP Final Fantasy remakes and games. I’m no art-knowing guy, but I can tell when stuff isn’t quite right, and the PSP games (and various other 2D HD Final Fantasy games) have lots of little issues that combine to create an air […]

Final Fantasy IV Mega Experience Codes

For various reasons I recently needed to get my Final Fantasy II/IV/Easy Type characters up to level 99 super fast. The problem is that existing Game Genie codes (and other codes) often have weird conditions/side effects. And the codes don’t work across all three versions. And the only existing codes I could find didn’t level […]

Misattributed Game Lines

A rare thing in video game translations is a line of text being attributed to the wrong character, or the character’s name being messed up in some way. This is usually because the translator inserted the wrong control code. Here are two examples: On the left, Kain isn’t in the party and his appearance later […]

Getting Rid of Stuff! Part 1

I’m planning on moving in the near future and am getting rid of a lot of excess stuff to cut moving costs and to help pay for what costs there will be. So in the next few weeks I’ll be posting stuff I have up for auction as well as stuff I’ll just give away […]

Final Fantasy IV for the Famicom was 80% Complete?

I was doing some research on Final Fantasy IV for my Legends of Localization stuff today and came across something pretty interesting. It’s somewhat common knowledge among Final Fantasy fans that what we know as “Final Fantasy IV” was originally “Final Fantasy V”, and the real FFIV was planned for the Famicom. But it was […]

Final Fantasy IV – The Legendary 64 Room Levels Bug

While working on my Legends of Localization stuff for FFIV / FFIV Easy Type / FFII SNES, I started looking into what sorts of bugs FFIV had. I stumbled upon some neat stuff, here’s one of them: If you’ve ever played FFII for the SNES a lot, there’s a chance you’ve run into a glitch […]

Algorithms are Antimatter

This past week I’ve been working (with what little time I have) on improving a little game I came up with. I was having a little problem with collision detection though, it was pretty inefficient and would on occasion slaughter the frame rate. I knew I needed to come up with a new algorithm and […]

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