New Release: Last Exile, Fam the Silver Wing

Season 2 of Last Exile was recently released on DVD and Blu-ray in English. I worked on this a while back, so if you wanna see some of my work in action, check it out!

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I worked on this during the simulcast – so I essentially worked on it one episode a week as it aired in Japan until it was finally finished. I also did a ton of research on the translation/localization style and choices made in the first season. I filled up pages and pages of notes, it was a lot of work, but it was also fun digging deep into the translation like that. Hopefully it shows in my translations of the second season!

I was also working on this show when I got married, so now whenever I think of this show I think of that :P

A big translation/localization issue in this show is that a major character and a few side characters speak only in Russian. This presented a number of problems, and it was a lot of fun trying to grapple with Russian->Japanese->English and back and forth issues, including conversions between Cyrillic and phonetic writing. It was crazy. I actually don’t know how the dub handles this Russian stuff, so I look forward to finding out!

Anyway, if you ever get the chance, check out Season 2 sometime! And Season 1 of course, but you don’t necessarily need to see it to enjoy Season 2.

May the wind do something or other to your wings!

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  1. Rei says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Mato. I’ve heard some good things about this, I’ll move it up my nearly endless list of anime to be watched…

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