Journal: Jan. 7, 2012

Uh oh, bad me! I slept through my alarm and wound up getting late, didn’t exercise at all, and ate a bunch of junk food all day. Well, I guess it’s okay once in a while.

I also did lots of work and later did more research-type stuff for other work. I also sat down and started to make a list of all my projects in progress or projects I want to do but haven’t started. I feel I forgot some things so I’m sure the list itself will be a project of its own 😛

I also did some work on EarthBound Central stuff, mostly looking at how its ads did over the last year so I can see if it can be improved in any way. The site doesn’t make much money but it’s helped me through some rough spots in the past. Anyway, I downloaded a bunch of data on how the site performed last year, except it was all in Excel format, which I converted to CSV and then had to do a bunch of work by hand to import that data into a MySQL database. From there, I’m able to analyze the data much more easily and identify all sorts of trends. I still need to do more work with this later but I’m glad I finally got around to doing it – I meant to do this last year too but just got lazy and pushed it off for a whole year.

I also worked for a bit on my MOTHER 3 translation notes, they’re coming along nicely. I often check back on the development discussions for details and info, which is another plus of being the translator for the translation I’m analyzing.

Then I began work on adding a new mode to PopShoot, a game I’m hoping someday I can sell for actual money on a variety of platforms. Everyone I’ve shown the game too starts out with, “Hmm? What’s this?” and then within 30 seconds they’re like, “Oh!” And then the brain drugs start flowing. After showing it to a few people around the Fangamer office I decided to start beefing the game up more, so I’m going to try to work on it a tiny bit a day, even if it’s just the tiniest little bit of progress.

Then it was time for dinner – Chinese food while watching the AVGN. A nice, relaxing way to end the day.

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8 Responses to “Journal: Jan. 7, 2012”

  1. spaanoft says:

    Hey Mato,

    I’ve been trying to get a game-related site up and running, and was looking into advertising/affiliate programs to see if I could have it self-sustaining.

    What was your experience with the programs you’ve been using? Do you feel the ebay links worked well?

    • Mato says:

      It seems like everyone’s experience is different, but for me eBay is where the money is at, even if its rules are weird and its payment system is essentially a big black box of mystery. Also from experience and the stuff I checked over yesterday, custom-made graphic ads seem to do the best – I don’t know how well eBay’s own Flash banners and such fare – they’re easy to set up but probably also easy for users to ignore/block using AdBlock stuff.

      • spaanoft says:

        Ok, I’ll look into that. I think my site will fit well for that kind of thing. Is the API pretty easy to use?

        • Mato says:

          Yeah, that’s actually why I got into eBay stuff in the first place – I just had fun messing around with the API! The two problems that might not be problems for you are:

          1. You’re limited to a certain number of calls per day unless you get your app/program approved by the API guys, in which case you can get a LOT more calls. I actually went through this process when I developed Game Swag, but it’s not really necessary for what you’re thinking of doing probably. EB Central only does maybe a couple hundred calls a day I’d say.

          2. All of eBay underwent changes recently in what seems to be an attempt to be more “Google-like”. One of the big changes is that wildcard searches aren’t supported anymore on the site – and that affects the API too. It was so, so nice to have wildcards, they’re crazy for dropping that 🙁 Anyway, that might or might not affect you, but if it’s a problem you can always try to do your own filtering after you pull a bunch of results.

          • spaanoft says:

            Awesome, thanks. I’ll dig into that. I’m at now risk for exceeding any kind of call limit at the moment. :/

            I may also take a look at Amazon’s stuff as well. With the Amazon Marketplace they kind of aim for some of the same stuff now.

          • spaanoft says:

            Err, that last post should say ‘NOT at risk for exceeding any kind of call limit’. Not, ‘at now risk’…

  2. BusterTheFox says:

    I’m dying waiting for the Mother 3 Notes… Just sayin’.

    I’m sure it’s because you wanna sell it someday, but how come you’ve never let us people play a demo of PopShoot? The one game you’ve made that everyone seems to like, and we don’t get to try it? xD Can you at least make a gameplay video…?

    I sleep through my alarm all the time… of course, that’s only on the days where I set it for no reason and I don’t have to be at work. All the other times, I FEEL like sleeping through it, but at the same time, I don’t feel like getting fired, so I get up anyway. 😀

    • Mato says:

      Yeah, I feel bad for not really showing off much of PopShoot but it’s one of those things where it’s such a simple concept that it’d be really, really easy to copy just by looking at it for a second. I’m sure I’m just being paranoid but from my own reaction and everyone else’s reaction I’d like to keep the details under wraps until I have a lot more to show for it.

      It’s nothing world-shattering or anything, it’s just a really fun game mechanic that activates things in the brain in certain ways.

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