Journal: Jan. 6, 2012

Had another day mostly off yesterday – did a tiny bit of work but for the most part just lounged around and then went to see Django Unchained. Hung out with friends after that and then went to bed.

The movie was cool, maybe just a tad too long but it had good pacing and interesting content so I didn’t mind too much. And FINALLY people will know that the “d” in the name is silent! It’s come up a lot in my anime translating stuff and so often unofficial translators would claim I was wrong and crazy for using “Django” instead of “Jango” or people would pronounce it with the “d” and I’m like noooooooo

Also, one of these days it might be neat to try to do some sort of Fangamer CX sort of thing. I’m not sure how it’d work but it seems like such a good fit for them to do.

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One Response to “Journal: Jan. 6, 2012”

  1. Hm, i always thought the “Dj” had a sort of rolled sound, like “zshango” or something. I’m pretty sure i remember a character named Django in One Piece, but i don’t remember how it was pronounced. Also, there’s Djinn in several video games.

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