Journal: Jan. 2, 2013

So much stuff happened over the past few days/holiday break that I didn’t really keep up with it all here. Lots of fun, hanging out with lots of people, lots of games played, lots of games made, lots of good food, lots of wacky hijinx. I celebrated New Year’s with the Fangamer guys, it was lots of fun.

I also got to show off some of my games there, which was cool, and the response was really nice. I’m glad to see that my PopShoot game is so easy for people to pick up and play and that everyone else was instantly like, “You know this could seriously be a real game we can sell.” And the fact that serious gamers and super casual gamers have all liked it so far is reassuring.

I’ve also been prototyping another game temporarily called Time Guy. It’s got an immense amount of potential but I only have so much time (heh) to work on stuff. I think I’m going to have to rewrite it from scratch soon as it’s all very held-together-by-duct-tape-y right now. An unexpected result is weirdly humorous writing that I had originally tossed in as filler but now it’s becoming more and more the focal point in my mind.

Most of the holiday time was spent not exercising and eating as well as usual, gonna fix that now that it’s back to normalcy. It’ll be nice to feel healthy again 😛 Also gotta get back in the swing of Legends of Localization!

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4 Responses to “Journal: Jan. 2, 2013”

  1. BusterTheFox says:

    Legends of Localization!? Was it Mother 3 or Final Fantasy IV!? FANBOY YELLING!!! MOTHER 3!!! YELLLLLIIINNNNNGGGGGGGAH!!!!!!!!!!!

    …But we’re totally casual here, so, like, whatever. B/

    • Mato says:

      I’m currently leaning toward jumping back and forth between both. I feel so obligated to continue FFIV but I also feel really obligated to FINALLY work on these translation notes after all these years. AAAAAAAA so conflicted

  2. Deraj626 says:

    “but I only have so much time (heh) to work on stuff.”

    How the heck do you decide to work on each day? I mean, in addition to your normal work, you’ve got 6 or 7 projects going.

    • Mato says:

      Well, most of my projects I see as hobby work, and if you’ve met any really enthusiastic hobbyists of anything you’ll usually find that they always have a dozen or so projects in various states of progress. How I decide what to do usually comes down to how much free time I have that day and how inspired I am to do something. If something begins to feel like a chore, I’ll set it aside until it doesn’t feel that way anymore.

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