Upcoming Release: Shakugan no Shana Season 2

Another thing I worked on is coming out soon – Shakugan no Shana season 2:

It’s taken years and years for Season 2 to get officially released in America, so finally the wait is over! This was an interesting project to work on, maybe I’ll talk about it in a future update or something. Just to head possible questions off at the pass: I actually don’t know what all is on this DVD in terms of extras, I was just the translator 😛

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9 Responses to “Upcoming Release: Shakugan no Shana Season 2”

  1. jrronimo says:

    Neat! I’ll check it out!

  2. BusterTheFox says:

    Awesome, I just got done watching Season 1 and was dreading having to suddenly switch to English subtitles. So this is a available now? I’ll have to pick it up! Can’t wait to see your work in action again!

    • Mato says:

      Yeah, they should both be out now. I had to mimic Season 1’s subtitles in a way (although I did make improvements), so if subtitles aren’t your thing then you might want to go with the dub.

      • BusterTheFox says:

        Both the sub AND dub are available? That’s pretty sweet. I just wish I had a better place to watch it… I usually watch anime online, but my computer doesn’t have a DVD drive (the poor thing is ancient, I’ve needed to put it out of commission for years, but… The MONEY for a new computer… Gah). Wonder if there’s a way to hook up my PS2 to my computer monitor… Heh.

        Say, is there a regular DVD pack you can link me to? I don’t have Blu-Ray, and I’m sure the regular DVD set costs less. >_>;

        • Mato says:

          Yeah, FUNimation includes dubs and subs on all its releases, I’m responsible for the subs and the base translation that the dub is rewritten off of.

          FUNi’s latest thing is to release DVD/Bluray combo packs, they rarely if ever release just DVDs or just Blurays. Apparently the combo packs sell well or something. So I don’t think you can just get one or the other for a discounted price.

          • BusterTheFox says:

            Well… bull crap, I can’t afford that price for a Blu-Ray I’ll never use just so I can watch the DVDs. x’D Although I never knew that they released subs! Like I said, I usually watch online, so I wouldn’t have known about that. I always thought of subs as a sort of “fans only” medium, but I guess I was wrong about that.

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