New Game: The Gates of What

So the other day I mentioned I did a personal game jam-type of challenge to see what kind of game I could make in just a few hours. The result is something I call The Gates of What:

The Gates of What 2012-12-25 10-41-18-70 The Gates of What 2012-12-25 10-41-23-72

I wrote it in XNA and it’s a Windows game, although I could probably port it to other platforms. It also has some slight bugs for obvious reasons, but I felt it would be against the spirit of the challenge to go back now and fix them.

Anyway, it’s a short game that makes little sense, but then again that’s how I like my crappy games!

To do stuff, press Space or if you have an Xbox controller hooked up to your computer, one of the buttons on there will work too.

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2 Responses to “New Game: The Gates of What”

  1. BusterTheFox says:

    I guess it’s Adventure Time, then. B)

  2. Esper says:

    Simply horrifying.

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