Legend of Boop – super alpha version .0000001

Since I haven’t had time to work on my game stuff lately I thought I’d at least share my current build of Stabby/Legend of Boop for readers to check out:

The current build is basically just me testing a bunch of stuff, like event scripts, room/world connections, inventory stuff, things like that. I don’t know if any of this’ll be in the final version, assuming there IS a final version. My current plan is to eventually to make it a simple Zelda-like game with four dungeons or so. I wanted it to be bigger, but feature scope kept creeping in so I gotta step back and simplify it.

As mentioned before, I also at some point want to work on a framework to make NES-like games. If I do that, I might try to port this Boop stuff to that framework instead. It might really simplify the game, but I kinda think that’d be cool. And then as the framework matures (and my own skills) future versions might get fancier.

Anyway! Here’s the current build, it’s a Windows game for now, I could probably port it to other OSes and devices using MonoGame but I haven’t had time to sit down and mess with that yet:

Arrows: move
Space bar: main weapon
Z: sub weapon
0: full screen
` or Tab, I forget: screenshot
Other number buttons: debug stuff
Other buttons: possibly other stuff, I forget

As for my other game I was working on, PopShoot, I still want to work on that a little bit and even see if Fangamer is interested in doing something with it sometime. It could definitely use some art help and if done right might even make a nice game for smartphones. We shall see!

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7 Responses to “Legend of Boop – super alpha version .0000001”

  1. BusterTheFox says:

    Cool, I’ll give it a download. Did you do all those graphics yourself? They look great! I really suck at spriting.

    I’ve been on a bit of a game-making trend myself, although I use a program called Stagecast Creator instead of a real programming language (but I’m learning C++ online as a preface to learning it in college soon!). I’d love to let you check out the new RPG I’m making from scratch when I get the battle system done; It all works in theory, but the actual “coding” has yet to be done… Maybe I’ll post a link to my game-related forum sometime if you’re interested. 😀

  2. Esper says:

    That was pretty cool. I like what you have going here. It’s like Zelda meets Mother meets Star Tropics. A nice combo.

    Eager to see more

  3. Philipp says:


    where is “dungeon0_main.wma” from?

    Kind regards

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