Journal: Dec. 9, 2012

I was determined to finally get back on my good schedule after a few days of slacking, so I got up at 6:00 again, did another hour on the bike (while watching the Chrono Trigger LP, just got to the Undersea Palace), then basically did a full day’s worth of work. Also got a really good weights session in, now that I have these new weights I’m starting to see more results again, it’s nice. I usually watch Saved by the Bell on the weekends while I do weights, and during the week I watch Let’s Make a Deal. Not the most exciting stuff to talk about, but it’s the simple things in life I like the most 😛

While I was doing stuff, I decided to set up a Facebook page for my Legends of Localization series, the page is here. I don’t know what I plan to do with it, but I do want to put more work and energy into the series. I also did some more work on the Mother 3 notes, just about half an hour. I’ll probably start making it public once I have everything through the prologue done, that way there’s new content. I’ve also been considering letting people get access to the additional bonus content on each page via some sort of membership thing, but I dunno yet. I’ll probably just focus on the books, but having some extra income and money to buy more materials for the series/future comparisons would be really nice. Plus, if I start to monetize LoL (heh, what a bad acronym) then I can theoretically start to write off some expenses come tax time. But it’s still all just in the idea stage.

I had this for lunch – oh, how I’ve missed them! I used to live off of these spicy ones during college and a short while after college, but I could almost never, ever find them in Florida.

They also didn’t have Stagg chili there. And you know those things that are like pizza rolls but have egg roll filling inside? They didn’t have those in Florida either, so when I came back to AZ I was eager to find them – but I can’t find them here anymore either! Whatever happened to them? I want to eat my childhood foods again, dagnabbit!

I was playing a game for work in the afternoon and I started to get drowsy. I usually can’t/don’t give in to the urge to nap, but I did this time and man it was nice. It’s one of those feelings of “everything’s all right”. Then I got jarred awake by a spam message on my phone. BOO

Oh yeah, during the afternoon I made a random discovery – for a short while there was a beam of light that hit this cup just right. And if I placed it in just the right spot it’d look like it was glowing and project a blue ring of light all over the place:

I am now immortal

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2 Responses to “Journal: Dec. 9, 2012”

  1. M. Forest says:

    You’ve been chosen for the Triwizard Tournament!

  2. Deraj626 says:

    The Imortal light! O_o

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