Journal: Dec. 8, 2012

I decided to take a day off from exercising yesterday and try to get some relaxing times in. I mostly wound up doing some work research (read: playing a game) and housecleaning though. I also remembered I have a huge backlog of e-mails to reply to but haven’t started on those yet. Man, I’m terrible at keeping up with my mail.

I haven’t really had those chocolate coin things since I was a kid, so when I found a big pile of them the other day at the store I was all over that:

I like them because although they’re milk chocolate, they don’t use that additive that gives it the sour taste that Hershey’s uses. I can’t stand the taste or smell of that American-style milk chocolate, it tastes and smells like rotting garbage :X

For a good couple years I sort of shied away from my Mother 3 stuff because I don’t really like it defining my life, but in the past few weeks it’s been nice to finally really look back at it and remember all that went into it. I definitely couldn’t pull off another project like that now – not enough time in the day and I have too many grownup responsibilities now. It’s going to be interesting playing through the game again for my translation notes – I haven’t really played it since 2008.

Oh yeah, I changed my Twitter account name too, I’m here now. It was mostly because I always felt that MatoTree was too vague and impersonal, this way it has a little more professionalism and personal feel.

When I told people about this, I got this exchange:

That was kind of depressing and is kind of why I’ve been reluctant to focus on Mother 3 stuff again – I don’t want it to be the only thing that people know me for. I guess that’s why I’ve been branching into other new things that I’ve always wanted to try instead.

Oh yeah, I’ve found that my iPhone is very useful when I’m reading through Japanese text in a game or whatever and stumble upon a word I don’t know – I guess that’s what electronic dictionaries were helpful for in the older days but since I never had one I never got to experience that helpfulness. The only thing now is that I hope I can find a way to take these words I have to look up and convert them into Anki entries or other flashcards of some sort so I can master them. Until recently I’ve literally been writing new words on actual note cards – I probably have well over 1000 or 2000 I gotta convert into electronic flashcards someday…

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14 Responses to “Journal: Dec. 8, 2012”

  1. Archaic Sage says:

    Don’t worry, your Tenchi Muyo and Shin Chan translations are pretty epic to name but a few.

  2. Ian says:

    Kind of a foolish thing for someone to say…as if Mother 3 is your only awesome accomplishment (it’s certainly not).

  3. Deraj626 says:

    Gelt. ๐Ÿ˜€ (That’s what the chocolate is called.)

    I think with that exchange, it’s just what a lot of people know you from. You’ve done so much more, but it was such a big thing at the time, it’s what a lot of people first heard of you from, so that’s who they’re going to identify you.

    • Mato says:

      Well, what I mean by “be defined by it” is more like being the kind of guy who’s always like, “Hey, look at me, I’m the Mother 3 guy!” and who always looks back on the project and never lets it go. The best way I can explain it is how Al Bundy was always talking about his four (or whatever) touchdowns in high school football; I don’t wanna end up that way. I can understand why I’ll be known as the Mother 3 guy by outsiders for a long time to come, though – that doesn’t bug me so much. I just don’t wanna be Mother 3 Al Bundy ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Scottt says:

    Hopefully SnesDude was joking… it’s obvious that you have a lot more going on than that so don’t worry about avoiding Mother 3 if there’s something interesting to be said.

    I’m no chocolate connoisseur but I don’t think Hershey is that bad, but I can definitely see where you’re coming from. Maybe I should get some of that good chocolate..

    • Heidi Poe says:

      Try Belgian chocolate omg that stuff will make you melt.

    • Mato says:

      Apparently Hershey’s started using butyric acid a good while back so that the milk wouldn’t spoil as quickly. Americans grow up with the taste so it seems normal, but man, I can’t go back to it anymore. Apparently butyric acid is a component of vomit, so I guess that’s why it has that garbage-y/vomit-y taste to it. And since Americans are so used to the flavor, other companies add it to their own formulas too. I’m no expert on the subject though, so I could be wrong.

  5. Darien says:

    It always seems weird to me that you can change your Twitter handle without just opening a new account; handy, to be sure, but I end up thinking “wait, when did I start following this account?” ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Matt says:

    Waitaminutewaitaminute… THE Clyde Mandelin uses Anki? I’m totally going to mention this in a future blog post, if you don’t mind!

  7. BusterTheFox says:

    Having a lot of experience with these types of people, I think it’s clear that person is pretty young (although not EVERYONE over the age of 18 understands correct grammar…). People like that always tend to just keep on pursuing the subject. But I won’t make any more assumptions, maybe he was just being a troll. :p

    I, for one, also found out about MatoTree and EB Central from the Mother 3 translation. But now, I’m mostly interested in your Legends of Localizations project. Sure, I’m really excited about the Mother 3 one, but I would be just as excited if you ever did some of my other favorite games, like Pokรฉmon. It’s also great how you don’t act like an internet celebrity, even though you pretty much are one. :/ I’m just glad people don’t (openly?) troll you for posting these little journal updates and stuff, most people who I see commenting on here and EB Central are pretty nice and chill people.

  8. Patrick R says:

    My kneejerk response was “better than being known for a sprite comic or a series of Final Fantasy reviews,” which is what I’ve worried my own legacy (quote-unquote) will consist of.

    But when I’ve thought about stuff like this, I always eventually arrive at the consolation that doing a job well and then receiving -recognition- for it is something you shouldn’t ever get down about — even if the piece of work in question isn’t the one you’d prefer people were noticing.

    (Then I sometimes grumble something about philistines and smoke a cigarette with a big scowl on my face. I do not recommend this step.)

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