Journal: Dec. 4, 2012

Yesterday continued the trend of settling into a routine finally. Lots of exercise, lots of work, lots of housework. In the Chrono Trigger LP I’m watching during exercise I got to the Reptite lair. I was running low on time so I had to make my weight exercises brief.

I also finished a short interview for a student project someone’s working on. It was mostly about Mother 3 but also about how I got into translation to begin with. Whenever I look back at Mother 3 I’m often left with the feeling that the translation project was part of a different life. I know I couldn’t work on something of that magnitude again now, at least not at the crazy pace I did then.

Speaking of Mother 3, Jeffman and I recently talked about releasing all the tools, files, and source code we used to make the translation. Mostly because it’s actually a huge amount of work on our part to support other language translations. The problem is that we never had a good system for source control, so now we’re in the middle of trying to find out what we’ve fixed in the past three years and making sure everything we use is the latest version. It sucks because some files from other language versions have snuck in there too. Definitely gotta learn how to do version control sometime soon.

This also means there might be a Mother 3 translation patch v1.3 or whatever in the next few months. We shall see – I forget what all we fixed and what we were planning to fix but haven’t yet.

Anyway, Poe and I also picked up a Christmas tree last night. It’s a fake one – one of these years we’ll finally get a real one.

At our old place we kept our fake tree out until like July just because the lights were nice to turn on at night. I think I’ll try to be a little less wacky from now on though 😛

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3 Responses to “Journal: Dec. 4, 2012”

  1. My mom kept the Pokemon Christmas lights I put up on the stairs as a kid one year up for -years- to use as a nightlight. I think I was in my twenties when they finally burned out and got taken down.

  2. BusterTheFox says:

    I’m still SUPER-excited for the Mother 3 stuff! I saw from your Twitter post that we’re starting off with the story of how you hacked in the English Health and Safety screen. IIRC, you mentioned you had trouble getting it to align the way you wanted it to so that it was just like the official English version. xD

    Aww, what a cute widdle Christmas tree! I guess you’re the kind of folks who have to pile the presents AROUND the tree instead of under it. xD Haha, well mine’s not much better, all of the blue lights ended up at the top of the tree for some reason, so the whole thing looks really off. >.>

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