Journal: Dec. 27, 2012

I got another good day of exercise and work done today, hooray! I also sort of negated it by eating a bunch of candy at night, oops. Darn these holidays and their tastiness

Oh yeah, I started up HCBailly’s Final Fantasy VII LP next, all together it’s like 130 episodes, and at my pace of about 6 or 7 episodes a day that’s gonna be a long-lasting one. I got up to the part where Cloud falls into the church.

I also got a little bit of time for some programming at the end of the day, and the results are already looking pretty interesting. Soon the head-exploding programming stuff will come though, hopefully I can figure it out.

It’s been a little tough doing EarthBound Central updates lately – I don’t want to post anything that might give readers the wrong impression about all this latest Itoi announcement stuff. For example, I was going to post EB Girl’s Christmas hack the other day, but when I was about to write the post I realized that the official title of the hack has “MOTHER 2.5” in it. Posting that so soon after Itoi’s announcement would’ve gotten a lot of people’s hopes up and possibly spread false info. So I’ll have to wait on that a bit. It’s a weird situation we’re in right now, I hope it’s eventually good news for non-Japanese fans though~

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7 Responses to “Journal: Dec. 27, 2012”

  1. Scottt says:

    haha I would hope that the readers would have enough reading comprehension to not be confused by the title of a hack

    • Mato says:

      In my experience, it only takes one or two quickly skimmed words to give people the wrong impression, and then for those people to go and spread false info elsewhere. It’s never fun to have to try to do damage control in situations like that.

  2. BusterTheFox says:

    I really hope it’s not a VC release since I’ve already played the entire thing in VC form using my modded Wii, but I would still buy it if it came out that way. I’m really hoping for the 3DS compilation of all three, which seems to be the popular vote right now. But who knows what Itoi has planned. I recall that one interview where he said he wouldn’t let the fans heavily influence his products. Who knows, really, but I stand by my hopes.

    I’m kind of interested in what you’re programming here. Is it a game? I’m currently working on an RPG of my own right now that’s pushing my own skills to the limit (It’s not “real” programming, but… It’s tough to describe. If you get the time, look up Stagecast Creator sometime. :p).

    FFVII! I got totally stuck in that. I think I stopped playing after I got almost all of my Materia stolen at one point in the game, and then I couldn’t find my way around on the world map. So I was just like, “screw it,” and gave up. Maybe I would like it better if I had actually beaten the game. xD I didn’t like Earthbound particularly until I beat it, so, I dunno.

  3. Deraj626 says:

    That’s probably smart. Some people will probably just see Mother 2.5, go OMG, and spread terribly false rumors.

    One quick warning with HCs FF7 LP, it’s his first really long game, so by the end he’s a bit burnt out. He’s said it’s the reason the score in his review is what it is. It’s not too bad though. Not nearly as much as in his recent FF12 LP.

    • Mato says:

      Oh man, that sounds like it’s gonna be rough. I have seen some of his post-FF7 LPs and I do recall him talking disappointedly about how long his FF7 LP was or something, so I guess I’ll finally get to see what he means.

      I was actually excited to someday see his FF12 one because I’ve only ever played the first few hours of the game. But now I’m worried, heh.

      • Deraj626 says:

        Well, the burnout in 12 wasn’t too bad from just watching the videos, it’s people on his forums, like me, that really know how he felt around that time.

  4. Pineapple Kid says:

    You want a great, LOOONG LP to watch after FFVII? Give DeceasedCrab’s original “La Mulana” LP a shot. It’s one of the best I’ve watched.

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