Journal: Dec. 26, 2012

I was tired so I slept in a bit later than usual, oops. But I still got back into the exercise groove, which was nice. I also finally finished the Secret of Mana LP I was watching, man that game just flew by, I barely remember it. I thin it’s because SoM seems to be lacking meat to it (for lack of a better word) – it’s a fun game but looking back after all these years it feels like it’s more of a hack-and-slash-a-thon than the epic storyline RPG it was going for. I’m guessing that’s because it supposedly had a ton of content cut out. I really like how many bosses are in the game, it definitely kept true to the first game in that sense.

Got a decent amount of work done too. I used my little bits of spare time to work on my Mother 3 notes a little bit and then try my hand at Garry’s Mod scripting. I’d actually only played GMod less than a few minutes before starting the scripting stuff, so it’s like learning two things at once 😛 Right now I’m getting my feet wet and have it so that guns will spawn oil drums that then fly off like crows.

I also got a cool new design idea for this game I’ve had in my head for a week now, but to get a test implementation running might take a week or two, so I’ll probably hold off on it for now. Gotta focus on work and the Mother 3 notes, and possibly do a Final Fantasy IV localization update sometime. I hate leaving projects undone, so that one’s gonna be on my brain for a good while.

Oh yeah, I also ate relatively okay throughout the day until night, when I discovered some cheap Christmas candy on sale. Oops, I ate a solid chocolate Santa in less than a minute. Oh, and for lunch I had a chicken nugget triforce

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2 Responses to “Journal: Dec. 26, 2012”

  1. Saber says:

    Hehe! Your nugget tri-force reminds me when Skyward sword came out. To celebrate, I made Jack some fried tofu; I cut it up into mini triangles which I then formed into a huge tofu tri-force 😀
    And no worries. Jack pretty much inhaled his Choco-Santa too.

  2. Deraj626 says:

    Well SoM might be a lot shorter than you remember simply because HC edits out all grinding and simply put, SoM has a ton of grinding.

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