Journal: Dec. 23, 2012

Today was a super-day off-day – no exercise at all, no work. I wound up mostly cleaning around the house, doing some more shopping, and then I decided to use the few hours of precious free time I had to challenge myself and see what kind of game I could make in just a couple hours. Having limitations is always the most fun and is always the most productive environment for me. The result is obviously nothing great – I’ll probably post it in a day or two – but it was really interesting how the creative process worked with it. I had NO idea what kind of game to make at first, so it turned out to be a very flow-of-consciousness type thing.

Forgot to take pics too, oops 🙁

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One Response to “Journal: Dec. 23, 2012”

  1. Darien says:

    I find I always do my best work with strict limitations; it really forces me to focus. Otherwise I’m inclined to get a horrible case of feature creep and never get anything done at all. Short-time-limit game jams are the best. I did a two-hour jam a while ago — yikes! Fun, but I had to cut even my bare-bones design down so far to get it finished that there was hardly a game there anymore.

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