Journal: Dec. 21, 2012

Another good day of exercise and work. Just beat the shadow temple in the Secret of Mana LP I’m watching.

Had some burgers steamed hams for dinner too!

I forget what else I did, oops. I do know that I very briefly checked that Itoi bass fishing game to see how hackable/translatable it would be. The font is compressed, which makes things harder, so I gave up at that point. The good news is that the existing font contains upper and lowercase English letters, but the font widths are so crazy that it might not be worth it. Anyway, I don’t plan on working on it, I mostly wanted to see if it was possible. Maybe if I’m ever super-bored and have lots of free time someday, but I can’t see myself translating a fishing game unless it’s particularly great, which I don’t know if this is.

I also downloaded Unity to try and learn the ropes of game-making with it, but the installer is corrupt or something and it always fails however many times I download it 🙁 I also started jotting down notes for a game idea I’ve had in my head for weeks. I think it might be cool if I can work it out, but it’s gonna be some mind-bending stuff so I might not get far.

For the Mother 3 patch, I’m probably going to hold off on releasing it until I know what the deal is with Itoi’s recent announcement. But I’ll probably still slowly work on it – it’s mostly done, the big issues are getting the new disclaimer screen in (which is being surprisingly tough) and doing testing. I’m pretty sure we’ll release the 1.2 patch eventually, just not so close to any big announcements on Itoi’s/Nintendo’s part.

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4 Responses to “Journal: Dec. 21, 2012”

  1. Chewy says:

    Maybe someday we can double-team the fishing game so we can get it out of the way. 😛 And put a rest to our fan-obligations towards the thing.

    • Mato says:

      Haha, well there’s actually two games (possibly two and a half? I’m not fully sure) so even if we finished one the beast would still be alive

  2. Lol @ Steamed Hams! Gawd how i love quoting Simpsons jokes

    I totally see what you’re getting at with waiting to release the M3 update. I remember a while back on EBC you posted the letter you got the day before the first patch was to release saying something along the lines of it hurting possible future ports from being released here. Now that it might be re-released, do you worry about that letter’s warning possibly coming true?

    • Mato says:

      It’s certainly something I’ve thought about since the announcement, but I honestly don’t think the choice we made will sway whatever decision is made for an official localization here (for whatever it is). Lots of games with fan translations have been released with official translations later. And with Chewy’s personal message to Itoi I think Itoi finally understands the plight of foreign fans.

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