Journal: Dec. 20, 2012

Good exercise and work done again. Got to the first town in the Empire in the SoM LP – the part where you get the “634” password. I liked that game so much back in the day that I sometimes used that password for school passwords and stuff. I haven’t played the game since then really, so it’s interesting to see how much I remember about the game – which is pretty a lot.

Then, immediately after morning exercise came the big announcement by Itoi – and holy crap I posted an update on EBC about that so fast. News quickly spread, and as always happens during these really rare times, it was hard to concentrate on anything all day 😛 I’m still of the belief that he’s just going to tweak and re-release the games on the 3DS eShop or whatever, but a Mother 1 remake using Mother 3’s graphics (like this) would be so cool 😛

Today was also our first anniversary, but things got so crazy and busy that we didn’t do much. After we got married we did the really romantic thing and went to a thrift store, a convenience store, and bought the HD Metal Gear Solid collection. So this year we started playing the Peace Walker part of that collection, but only got as far as the start of the prologue before we were too sleepy to continue. We did play part of the PSP version a while ago, only to as far as the tank boss near the beginning. It’s so hard to start games these days, especially if the pacing is bad at the very beginning, like it is with Peace Walker where they just info-dump all the controls at your face.

And I guess the world is about to end but oh well

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4 Responses to “Journal: Dec. 20, 2012”

  1. Darien says:

    I never used that password, but holy cow did I make a bunch of games that used the same elemental spirits. That was the second SNES game I was completely obsessed with in my younger days (after Zelda: LTTP).

  2. M. Forest says:

    I’m still not quite convinced that the MOTHER announcement has anything to do with the games per se. I wonder more if they’ll release something like a new music album, or an art book, or some sort of collection of memorabilia, etc.

    If it does turn out to be games-related I feel certain it would be Japan only.

    Still, that Itoi feels so moved by the continued and passionate support from so many years is just wonderful. When an artist can look upon their admirers and not just say “hey thanks for your support” but express genuine warmth felt from that admiration, I feel like that’s a marvelous reciprocation.

  3. M. Forest says:

    >This has to do with making “MOTHER” playable.

    Oh no! I feel dumb. =)

    • Darien says:

      Can’t blame you for not figuring it was actually game-related, though; lord knows Mother game releases aren’t the very most common things. My unfounded suspicion is that they’re reworking the games so they can be rereleased without the copyright police murdering anybody, but it remains to be seen.

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