Journal: Dec. 2 2012

Forgot to mention that yesterday I finally changed the Game Swag front page, moved it to the EB Central server, moved my Mato Tree site to the EBC server, and the shut down that old server. It’ll save me about $50 a month – Game Swag did a lot of weird stuff so I wanted it to be on its own little server. But due to lack of time, eBay’s recent changes with search (no wildcards is a deal-killer) and lack of any forewarning, and WordPress updates slowly breaking stuff on the site, I needed to do something. Otherwise it would just a broken, untended site that was bleeding money away from me. Someday I’d like to streamline it and put it back up – the problem is finding time. I feel bad because so many people worked really hard on lots of pages. The data’s not gone though.

Today we spent some time doing some light shopping, picking up stuff to try to keep bugs and scorpions from getting through the front door. We also got a frame for a nifty Shadow of Colossus poster that Fangamer has. The frame isn’t custom-sized so it doesn’t look as good as it could, but it’s better than the blankness:

I like how I for some reason center aligned it with the smoke detector – I’m not so good at this. We also still need to do a LOT of decorating. Right now it’s a struggle to find time to do anything though 😛

I also spent a little time today working on translation work – I usually spread my work across the weekends to allow myself more breathing room during the week. Sometimes it gets tiring not having days off, but sometimes it also means 3 or 4 hour workdays (or less if I’m lucky!). I also meant to do some more research-y stuff for work today but ran out of time.

Some nice folks also sent me some PSP and DS screenshots of FFIV stuff today for my FFIV comparison project. I’m still not sure how I’m going to handle the FFIV stuff when I start on the Mother 3 translation comparison stuff soon. Speaking of which, I’ve started the early planning for it in my head. I also catch myself daydreaming about making these localization books a half-time or full-time job, I somehow doubt that’ll happen but it’d be nice. It all depends on how this first one goes, I guess! It actually reminds me a lot of the stuff Reid went through when he decided to start Fangamer a few years back. I dunno if I have quite that same level of gutsiness though.

Got some good exercise done today too. Got to the end of the jet bike part of the Chrono Trigger LP I’m watching.

I’ve also noticed I’ve had some mild allergic reactions to something yesterday and today, but can’t figure out what’s causing it. Which is weird because I almost never, ever have allergic reactions to stuff. Maybe it’s allergies to exercise, heh.

Gonna go to the smelly DMV tomorrow – I tried to go before but the regulations for getting a new license are a lot more strict than before, and for some reason I couldn’t find any of the documents they wanted to prove I’m a legal citizen.

While watching a lot of LPs of old games this past month, I’ve been planning a sort of self-imposed framework I can use to make retro-style games. In essence, it imposes a lot of restrictions similar to what NES and SNES consoles used, and would even use similar graphical systems. I think it’d be fun to try to make really simple, basic NES-style games and slowly improve my skills to make better and better games, similar to how games improved with time back then. I could also use XNA + MonoGame to port them to all sorts of different OSes and platforms. Been trying to think of what kind of game to start with – I’m figuring some sort of simple single-screen affair like the REALLY early NES games used.

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7 Responses to “Journal: Dec. 2 2012”

  1. Darien says:

    I need to go to the DMV still myself. It’s simpler up here; I just bring my old license, pay the extortion money, and take a test; no raft of documents needed. The downside is: it’s in Palmer, which is like forty minutes away. 😛

    Most of the games I’ve made lately have been single-screen things, and very simple — I’ve been doing a lot of game development jams / competitions like Ludum Dare, so there’s generally a strict time limit. It’s pretty fun when you finally firm up your limitations — it’s wild how liberating that can be! It’s like you can suddenly stop worrying about the scope of the project and get to the fun stuff. :- D

    What I’ve been wanting to do for a while is a River City Ransom kind of game; been held back a bit by health troubles and general incompetence, though. Also I’ve been designing a Zelda sort of game for years — maybe I’ll finish it someday!

  2. BusterTheFox says:

    I never really watch LPs, but maybe I should. I know that it would be fun to do one, at least. They’re basically just watching someone play through an entire game, right? Sometimes with commentary? Hmm, I wonder what would be a good game to start with…

    • Mato says:

      I used to think LPs were dumb/pointless but came to realize they’re a good way to check out games you’ll probably never have the time/skill for or to replay games you’ll probably never have time for. Good ones can also teach you things about games you never knew before – I saw HCBailly do some stuff in Chrono Trigger yesterday I never knew about, for example.

      • BusterTheFox says:

        I agree with you, there; I’ve always wanted to get into Chrono Trigger since so many people have told me it’s good, but I just can’t get into it, and I’ve tried probably three or four times to play it. Furthest I ever got was the first time you go into the future. The map is so destroyed that I couldn’t find my way around and ended up getting stuck, so that’s when I stopped playing. I’ve found that I enjoy Tool-Assisted Speedruns, so I think I would probably like LPs all the more since they go through the whole game normally.

  3. Magicxgame says:

    I used to feel the same way as Mato, but LPs are a fun little diversion. I’m only subbed to chuggaaconroy, though; anyone want to help me expand my horizons?

    Side Note: Mato, if you ever decide to look up a Pokémon LP for old-time’s sake/a reference for a comparison (which will hopefully come while I’m still interested in this stuff :p), don’t try emulating their playstyles. I’m probably going to sound like an asshole, but a lot of them play the games fairly poorly; I would go into detail, but I know you’re not a Pokémon nut.

    • Darien says:

      I’m pretty terrible at Pokémon myself; I love the games to death, but never play competitively because the high-level strategy is a thing I’ve never really learned. I prefer just to bonk around the world and experiment with stuff, myself. 😀

    • BusterTheFox says:

      Uhg, I know what you’re talking about. Whenever I watch a Pokémon video, the people play it like… Well, like they’re recording a gameplay video, and not like they’re playing the game. Tell me you know why Cloyster, Alakazam and Machamp are great for the original Red and Blue. xD Haha!

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