Journal: Dec. 16, 2012

Today was the first day in at least a month that Poe and I actually had time off from work, so it was mostly a relax and chill day. So I started the day off by sleeping in until 8:00. No exercise either, and only half an hour of work at the end of the day. We also ate terribly :X

We also finally, finally got the chance to do some shopping, the total came to $200+, ouch. While out we noticed that the mountains had snow on the top, which was pretty cool. The juxtaposition of desert landscape and white snowy mountains was really interesting.

Later we sat down to watch a movie – The Avengers. It was meh. The latest Dark Knight film was the same way with us too, so maybe we’re just the right target audience.

Also picked up some cashew brittle and some old people holiday candy!

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2 Responses to “Journal: Dec. 16, 2012”

  1. Deraj626 says:

    Hm, everyone I’ve talked to, including myself, have loved those movies. I guess they’re just not you’re thing.

    • Mato says:

      Yeah, it’s weird though, because I loved the previous Dark Knight movies. Just the latest one felt super “meh” to me. I can see how people (especially kids) would eat these movies up, though.

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