Journal: Dec. 15, 2012

Oh man, I’m posting this so much later than usual that I’m starting to forget what happened. I did another good round of exercise, but no work – I took the day off! Finally, finally finished the Chrono Trigger LP and all the extra videos – it’s at last time to move on! It looks like Secret of Mana is next on HCBailly’s playlist of LPs but I’m not sure what I’ll do. I might briefly check out some other LPers too. It’s just that HCBailly plays games I like or always wanted to play, has a good mix of seriousness and humor, and doesn’t read every line of text in the game. And usually explains WHY you gotta do something rather than just not explaining anything.

I also ate well until the end of the day, but I forgot to take food pics for the full day so oh well, no pics.

After housework, I played some more game for work-related research stuff while keeping warm under a big blanket. It was nice and relaxing, I wish I had more time to play games these days, it’s so weird that I run various gaming-related websites, work on gaming-related projects, actually make games themselves, and have work that’s related to games, but never actually PLAY games anymore. It’s some kind of bizarro curse.


Later, Lindsay and Dan visited and it was a lot of fun, we ate lots of food and talked about tons of stuff and dug into a big pile of Famicom games Poe and I bought earlier this year.


Someday I wanna either write articles about each game or do simple videos with them or something – just like, “Here’s a random game from my pile, let’s check it out!” We also discussed tons of stuff like trying to organize some sort of Fangamer CX, which would be cool. Gotta get Reid to play EarthBound Zero someday, maybe CX-style would be the best way.

Oh yeah, we messed with Siri for the first time ever. It was weird and I think I’m going to have random surprise reminders various times next year to drink my juice.

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  1. Vince94 says:

    HCB is one of my favorites too, I love JRPGs, and those are his specialty.

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