Journal: Dec. 14, 2012

Another good day of work and exercise. I started on the Chrono Trigger appendices that HCBailly made, mostly showing alternate endings to the game. Soon I’ll be done with CT and can move on to something else.

I had work dreams – basically dreams where I’m sitting there working on translations, trying to figure out how to translate lines that my mind somehow made up. It’s always frustrating when I have to lucid dreamingly tell myself that the text I’m translating isn’t real so don’t freak out about it 😛

Yesterday was very rainy and very cold – I think it took a lot of Tucson people by surprise? I dunno, I just know that it reminded me so, so much of what the weather was like back when I was living in the AZ desert in 1992. Dark, cold, rainy winter days were non-stop that year. I really liked it! So this weather really took me back – and for once I actually had to wear pants and a jacket outside. Man, just the weather alone makes me wanna play Mystic Quest and Mario Land 2, both games I got for Christmas that year.


I still don’t know how to take good pictures with my phone yet, heh. I got long fingers so I’m not even sure which one that is.

Keeping track of my food seems like an interesting idea so I’ll maybe do it for a bit longer until I get tired of it.

Let’s Make a Deal wasn’t on so it was time for my good ol’ standby show for weights time:


Later I got in a couple hours of work research time, just when I think the game’s about to end it keeps going, it’s interesting.

I have so many ideas for projects and games and videos and stuff I wanna do, it’s like over the past few months my brain has exploded with new idea seeds. Gonna have to write these things down lest they just float in my head and eventually get lost forever.

Oh yeah, an interview I did for a student’s class project was posted on the IGN site, so I posted that on EB Central here. Someday I oughta organize all the interviews and stuff I’ve done and make section for them on here. That’s another idea to add to the idea pile!

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2 Responses to “Journal: Dec. 14, 2012”

  1. Deraj626 says:

    I know you got screenshots, but you could move onto HC’s LP of the Complete Collection next if you want. Combine work with excersise. It probably wouldn’t work though. So in that case, Radiant Historia. 😀 Or since you wanted to play Mystic Quest you could go to that.

    • Mato says:

      Haha, I actually watched his LP of the J2E fan translation of FFIV a while back to get stuff for the FFIV comparison. I don’t really want to mess with the Complete Collection stuff because someday I want to play the After Years on the Wii, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

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