Journal: Dec. 13, 2012

Did another really good day of exercise, and finished off the Chrono Trigger LP I was watching. Now it’s on to the CT appendices, full of all the alternate endings and stuff. I keep track of LP stuff because it helps me keep track of exercise – there were 72 eps in the CT LP so that means I did 12 days of good cardio work, for example. I like watching LPs during exercise because it helps motivate me to keep coming back the next day and then the next day.

Kind of fell behind my personal schedule with work yesterday so I wound up working into the evening/past dinner. I don’t like doing that so I gotta try to avoid that more. Speaking of dinner, maybe I should start taking pics of my food since that’s what a lot of blog people do I guess:

I forgot to take pics of workout food and dessert, oops. Man that was some good pizza though.

We got a bunch of stuff from UPS today, some nutrition/meal replacement bars that we like and also a brand new rice cooker, which I’m excited to use.

It’s been like ten years since I last bought one, and man have we used the crap out of it. I’m considering giving the old one to the Fangamer folks or maybe donating it to the Fangamer Hotel.

More happened but I forget it all and now I gotta gets to work~

Oh yeah, it rained today

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