Journal: Dec. 12, 2012

Another day of lots of work done and especially good exercise done. In the CT LP the sidequests are mostly done and it’s about time to enter the Black Omen.

When it was time to move last month, I had to order a special box to pack the big TV in. The box itself cost like $80 or $90 and had terrible instructions, but it indeed did its job and the TV was perfectly fine even after terrible handling across most of the United States. Well, yesterday it came time to throw it away since it was taking up too much room. It seemed like a waste to throw away an $80 box but I don’t anticipate to do any big major moves like that anytime soon. Getting the thing into the trash was hard enough, but some loser decided to break a bunch of vodka bottles all around the big trash bin and just left all the broken glass there. So the whole ordeal felt like a weird episode of MXC.

I also got one of those fancy Hobonichi/Shigesato Itoi “Techo” planner things from Lindsay, who recently worked on making the English versions. They’re a huge deal in Japan and it sounds like they want to break into the American market. But from everything I’ve seen and heard I don’t think they could’ve done a worse attempt – it’s like they’ve gotten everything wrong that’s possibly wrong. I have yet to open mine though.

I often get asked how I manage to get so many projects and stuff done in a day – one of the big things is that I use a crappy planner to list things I need to get done and to document other stuff throughout the day, like keeping track of calories:


But now that I have a fancier planner I hope I can do even more with it. Still, I’m confused as to why the English version of this planner has Japanese written on the front of it:


Man, they should just hire Lindsay to do it for them. And Fangamer to distribute 😛

Amid all the time consuming stuff of yesterday I managed to get about half an hour or an hour to continue my Mother 3 notes. This time I mostly used up the time setting up emulator stuff and having to retake lots of screenshots. I’m gonna wait until I have the pre-game and prologue done before I post anything though. There’s gonna be some stuff in here that nobody ever knew about before.


Speaking of which, I’m still playing with the idea of having some kind of premium access on my Legends of Localization site – like paying $5 will give you access to all the bonus content and maybe other stuff. I dunno how well that’d work and I don’t know the legal ramifications (might be good to set up an LLC at some point?) but it’s something I’m considering right now. And maybe premium members will get extra goodies if they get the print versions too. All still just in the early idea mode though.

Also had some yummy curry!

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4 Responses to “Journal: Dec. 12, 2012”

  1. Esper says:

    Have you considered getting one of Itoi’s notebook covers for your planner? 😛

    • Mato says:

      I have, but then they cost a bunch of money that isn’t really worth it for me. My previous planner looks pretty much the same and I was happy with it 😛

      Unless there was some sort of Mother series one available now, but I don’t think there is…

  2. Scottt says:

    I feel like I would pay for a physical book, but not for access to a webpage. Mother stuff in here that nobody ever knew about before sounds great though.

    • Mato says:

      Thanks – it’s nice to hear outside feedback on stuff like that. Otherwise it’s just me trying to imagine what people are thinking, which rarely works well 😛

      I’m definitely wanting to do the book thing more than the subscription thing, so that’ll be my main focus for now I think.

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