Journal: Dec. 11, 2012

Did another good day with exercise and work. The CT LP got to the point where all the sidequests open up and HCBailly’s now at the Mother Brain part. To this day I can’t not think about Metroid whenever that boss shows up.

I had a dream that involved me speaking Japanese too. I was able to say plenty of stuff, it was just a struggle since I haven’t been back to Japan in so long and my spoken Japanese is super rusty now. It literally feels like a rusty bicycle chain when I try to flip that part of my brain on, although I know that I’d get right back into the hang of it again given a day or two. I really need to get back there and reabsorb the spoken language though. I also oughta improve my writing skills too, but I don’t think I’d need to be in Japan for that necessarily. Anyway, in my dream I guess my old self was there too, and after I said all my stuff in Japanese, the old me (or whatever it was) just shook his head and was like, “Man, you used to be better than that.”

Anyway, I also decorated the house a bit more – basically I just strung up some stuff. It’s a lot more than I used to do though, so it’s nice.

I felt the need to bring my PS3 into my office since sometimes I need to play games for work stuff. When I’m not using it for work stuff I gotta take it back out into the living room though, for tax purposes. Tax stuff gets weird when you’re a freelancer/contract employee/working from home. So I put together a little setup for now. I’d really like to get actual office furniture someday. But man, I bet kid me would freak out if he knew his job would involve watching cartoons and playing games 😯

Oh yeah, I also got a Christmas ornament from the Choctaw nation. I’m part Choctaw but only finally registered with them this past year. I’m kind of surprised the tribe has enough money to spare for things like this, but okay. It’s currently in the tree, below the AVGN Volume 6. What a weird tree this is turning out to be.

I installed f.lux too, now my monitor won’t blast my eyes away in the evening and at night. I forgot about it until I was at the Fangamer office the other day and saw a bunch of people using it.

One thing I really missed when I lived in Florida was cold weather. Yesterday it got below freezing in the morning here, so I went for a short little walk in my shorts and a T-shirt. I love that feeling – I used to walk a mile or two in the cold every day during most of high school to get to the bus stop.

Okay, pic time!

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    • Mato says:

      You can read about it here: Basically it changes your monitor’s settings throughout the day so it’s nice during the day but during the night it’s not like you’re staring at the sun. There are probably various health benefits too, like better sleep.

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