Journal: Dec. 10, 2012

Did another good day of exercise and work yesterday, although work was a bit sluggish due to lots of technobabble. I got to the part where you get the Chrono Trigger/Time Egg and the Crono clone in the CT LP I’m watching.

Too busy this morning to cover much else, but I got some cool stuff in the mail, including an old Japanese magazine that had some beta Mother 2 stuff in it I’ve never seen before. A kind fellow on Twitter bought it for me and sent it to me for free 😯 When I think about it, it’s neat how it somehow went from Japan to the UK to eventually the desert of Arizona. And it’s still in super like-new condition even after all that and all these years! I posted the scans of the Mother 2 stuff here, incidentally.

Oh yeah, also got the latest AVGN DVD, not gonna have time to watch it anytime soon though. But right now it’s decorating our tree.

Also, I really really need to get my office better equipped, it’s still just a makeshift, uncomfortable setup. I haven’t had the time to really figure out what to do with the office or to look around for a good desk, chair, and all that stuff. I’ve become really picky about office chairs over the years, considering that I spend so much time in them.

Anyway here are many more random pics from the day:

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