Dec. 1 2012

Yesterday was really tiring so I didn’t write anything. So here it is a little late.

We went shopping for a few more things we need around the house. We went to a Target that’s a little closer than our usual one but it was really big and weird and crowded. Also found something cool at Pier 1 Imports but didn’t buy it – we might go get it some other time though. Still trying to find desks for our computers too, and an office chair for me. Visited Gamestop briefly but they’re still as gloomy and annoying as ever.

Back home, I did some more research for my translation work. Oh yeah, I also finally had a full, normal day of exercise again yesterday, the first time in nearly a month. It’s nice to have the time and the equipment back. I usually watch Let’s Play videos when I’m on the exercise bike and Saved by the Bell when I’m doing strength exercises later in the day. I started with HCBailley’s Chrono Trigger let’s play – for whatever reason I really like his stuff.

Also got my iPhone case in the mail – now I can actually carry it around without worrying about it breaking into a million pieces! I still have no idea what apps are good or bad or what games I should check out on there. There’s literally so much that I have app paralysis.

Since yesterday was the 1st I did some checking on eBay to see how EarthBound prices have been in the past month. I do this by hand and with a spreadsheet:

It’s crazy seeing the prices constantly climb each month – it’s gotta stop SOMEDAY but the question is when? I really hope that someday there’ll be a re-release and this nonsense will end.

Oh yeah, while working on that I heard some cool music on Rainwave and it turned out to be Final Fantasy Distant Worlds. I didn’t know there was an album, so I immediately and bought a digital copy. It’s very nice 😀

Now to do some early morning browsing and then hit the Let’s Play bike again!

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3 Responses to “Dec. 1 2012”

  1. Emerald Wyvern says:

    Love me some Distant Worlds. I’d highly recommend the Returning Home album.

  2. Deraj626 says:

    “I started with HCBailley’s Chrono Trigger let’s play – for whatever reason I really like his stuff.”

    Well that is absolutely the way to go. 😀

  3. BusterTheFox says:

    Do you have a Starbucks nearby? They give out little cards for free iPhone apps every day. My brother got Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Part 2 the other day. I didn’t even know that was for the iOS! But yeah, he got a bunch of cool apps that, which cost money, for free.

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