Misattributed Game Lines

A rare thing in video game translations is a line of text being attributed to the wrong character, or the character’s name being messed up in some way. This is usually because the translator inserted the wrong control code. Here are two examples:

On the left, Kain isn’t in the party and his appearance later in the scene is supposed to be a surprise. On the right, the translator messed up and didn’t enter the name control code right.

I’m curious, though – are there any other games out there that have had this issue? I want to include a few more examples in my FFIV comparison thing when I get to that part, but these two are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.

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13 Responses to “Misattributed Game Lines”

  1. PlainOlJoe says:

    Suikoden 1 and 2 were very guilty of this. If you want specifics I could probably find some easily.

  2. Heidi Poe says:

    Didn’t this happen in MOTHER 3 when Aeolia and Ionia are talking in Chapter 7?

  3. How did I miss that Kain line all these years?

    There’s also one in FF4 Advance. When you return to Baron from Mysidia, the guy outside is supposed to say something like “don’t defy the king or you’ll end up like Cid”. Cid’s control code was swapped, again, for Kain’s, which gives the line a much different meaning.

  4. Tonch says:

    I think there are a few throughout the Ace Attorney games, which makes sense given that they are entirely driven by dialogue. It’s bound to happen once or twice.

    I think one time the name box swaps the Judge for Edgeworth while he’s talking.

  5. joeymartin64 says:

    Lunar 2’s epilogue has a couple instances of the wrong character portrait appearing on the side of text boxes. Worse, both lines directly address the character erroneously being shown.

    “Do you remember the first time we found this room, Ruby? We were so green!” says Ruby.

    “Ha! Look, Hiro! We did it! Now we can get inside!” says Hiro.

  6. ZR says:

    In Monster Racers for the DS, at least in the Spanish translation, they gave the main character a line despite being a Chrono-type mute lead. It belongs to one of the main’s friends, of course.

  7. Kyosuke says:

    I try to avoid this kind of slip-up by using an Excel macro I wrote that checks to see if all control codes match the source language. But if the source language is messed up, then I just gotta be perceptive enough to catch it while translating.

  8. Advanced Lawnmower Simulator says:

    There’s a line of dialogue in the english release of Devil Survivor on the DS that’s attributed correctly but displayed in Japanese, presumably due to a control code issue.

    Not sure on the technical terminology but the original font characters etc. must still be present as it prints correctly. I’m more surprised so-called SMT fans had the gall to complain about it! Finally, a 100% accurate 1 to 1 translation! They should have done the whole game like that I say!

    • Jungyin says:

      There was also a part where one of the Mission Start quotes displayed a certain character’s name and portrait, but used another characters dialogue and I believe voice as well.

      ‘Keisuke: “Magical Punishment!”‘

  9. Espyo says:

    There’s one in Phantasy Star II for the Mega Drive: http://tcrf.net/Phantasy_Star_II#Cut-off_Line

    • FF2 (SNES) actually does that in some of the menus. The infamous “To equip” message being the nost well know, but there are others. The shopkeepers are also supposed to show a different line when you’re selling and the code is set up correctly, but expects the screen position as a part of the text string, which it lacks, so it’s draw somewhere off screen. That’s even the case in FF4.

  10. Montezuma says:

    The fan translation of Monster World IV was very guilty of this. Seriously, a grown-up man, the one who was supposed to be the one who gives you the iconic “Welcome to Monster World” message, no less, says “How cute! Your pepe is blue! I want to play with it!”, which is the line for one of the kids, obviously. Also TONS of dialogue has been shortened or mis-attributed, and there is one debug merchant (not really, just an easter egg) that received the same treatment! Though it seems because of a lack of throughout quality check.
    I am really thankful for Sega and M2 for their awesome work on the official translation. Everyone should check it to show their support, its quality alone is worth the price.

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