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Sometimes people ask why I (and others) dislike the graphics in the various PSP Final Fantasy remakes and games. I’m no art-knowing guy, but I can tell when stuff isn’t quite right, and the PSP games (and various other 2D HD Final Fantasy games) have lots of little issues that combine to create an air of unprofessionalism, or at least a clear lack of quality and care. Which is strange, because Square’s 2D art used to be some of THE best sprite art around.

Anyway, for a better explanation of WHY people feel this way, here are some comments on the forum that go into more detail: link

Just in case that link dies one day, here’s one of those comments in image form, although it should be taken in combination with other people’s comments too:

I just want to go to Square Enix and say, “Come on you guys, get your act together!” HD sprites and art CAN look good, but for whatever reason it’s just handled weirdly in these HD Final Fantasies.

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  1. Emerald Wyvern says:

    While that person makes valid points, it really irks me that he called Tsukinowa “her”. I don’t even like the character much, or the art of TAY, but he’s not even androgynous in the least.

  2. Cats says:

    I personally liked the graphics. The again, it being the first FF I ever played, I suppose I migh tbe biased in that regard and I don’t have a “nostalgia factor” that some others might. To each his own.

    To me, the graphics are fine, especially in comparassin to the 3D of the DS version (where characters are off model and the limited hardware certainly doesn’t help). That blurring being complained about tends to happen in captured footage; it looks clearer both on the actual PSP and on the TV when hooked up to one. I will say the low resolution doesn’t help matters. I actually prefer playing mine hooked up to the TV, as it looks better scaled up. People tend to forget sometimes that graphics on a handheld are not going to be as good as a full size console, partly due to their small screens. Are they perfect? Of course not. But I have yet to play that game whose graphics I would consider as such.

    You want to talk about AWFUL graphics? Wiiware version of The After Years. There was NO excuse for that. Throw in the fact that it’s more expensive than Complete Collection at the time of release, even before CC’s price drop. You couldn’t give me the $37 to buy that.

    I admit was amused by the fact that the screenshot here is complaining about the portait of a minor and optional character (why not pick someone who you actually do spend a fair amount having to look at? Would certainly make me want to take the critcism more seriously). While at first glance I can understand the mistaken gender, at the same time, effeminate features on men are not terribly uncommon in Final Fantasy. Heck, almost every guy in FFIV and TAY wears earrings and/or has long hair. Usually both. The earrings on most actual amuse me, as it’s not something all too common for males to wear (long hair, while is less frequent in men than in women, is still far more common than males with earrings, at least in my personal experience).

  3. Neko Knight says:

    Unfortunately, he’s right about many things. Square Enix themselves have even admitted that they train new staff members by having them work on remakes first, and I think that certainly shows in the PSP remakes of Final Fantasy games. It certainly looks amateur, but I wouldn’t say terrible. To be honest, I wish they’d stop with all the remakes and start developing more original games. Final Fantasy IV has been remade so many times it’s enough to make your head spin.

  4. TLM says:

    The main thing that bothers me in that screenshot is the text. It’s just way too much contrast, and the numbers look like a beta font or something. It’s actually something I’ve noticed when looking at a lot of screenshots from the remakes in the Legends of Localisation page – the text just doesn’t fit properly into the box, mainly in the PSP version (was that centred text for normal dialouge?) but also a bit in the Playstation version.

    As for the sprites, they seem to be ‘pillowed’ (shaded round all the edges) or is that just me?

  5. Deraj626 says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, I still like them and think the Complete Collection is the superior version, even if you disregard The Interlude and The After Years.
    And on a semi related note, that’s a pretty weird party.

  6. Magicxgame says:

    After reading Neko Knight’s comment, it’s no wonder the graphics give off an “amateruish” vibe. I’m really glad to see I’m not alone in this.

    On the topic of remakes: I just want Square to remake FF6 already. Come on, guys, the first four FFs have enough ports already. D:

    • Magicxgame says:

      Oh, and I’m a huge 2D fan (good 2D > mediocre 3D any day), so this really pains me, even if I don’t own a PSP.

  7. roxahris says:

    As someone who’s played the PSP version on a PSP… that screenshot is blown up! The smudging caused by the resizing is why the characters and background are blurry. It looks a lot sharper on the actual system’s screen. (It doesn’t fix how bland things can look, though.)

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