Final Fantasy IV 16-Bit Screenshots Done

I finally finished playing through all three 16-bit versions of Final Fantasy IV… man, that took a lot longer than I thought 😯 My schedule’s been really rough the past few weeks and will probably continue to be so for the foreseeable future (and I’m planning a cross-country move in a few weeks), but I plan to continue updating my Final Fantasy IV localization comparison stuff little by little.

As you can see from the pic above, there are going to be 44 sections relating to the game/story. Luckily 11 of those are already taken care of, so that leaves about… a lot more to do. This is going to be a lengthy project for sure.

Besides the story text localization analysis, I also intend to take a look at item names, enemy names, and other misc. stuff which will add even more to the size of the project, but I feel it’d be incomplete to leave such things out.

For the immediate future, what I’d like to do is this:

  • Update the existing pages with some new info and screenshots lots of people have sent in
  • Continue to collect screenshots from other versions of the games, courtesy of kind people who are playing these other versions for me. I’d really like to have Game Boy Advance and DS version screenshots – if you can help, see here!

After this, there are two ways I can go – go through all my screenshots and organize them all and make the combined pictures right now, before starting on new pages. Or I can start on individual pages and make the pics as I go along. The former would save time in the long run (and I’d be less likely to forget/miss things), the latter would get updates up sooner but would take longer in the long run. I’ll probably wind up doing the latter though.

I also intend to release all the screenshots and all my save files on a downloads page, so that fellow fans can use them for reference for their own future projects. I’ve been carefully archiving my save files for all three versions of the game so that I can easily jump to any point in the game if I need to check on something I missed. So hopefully these resources will come in handy for others 😀


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6 Responses to “Final Fantasy IV 16-Bit Screenshots Done”

  1. I’ll probably be done with the PSX version in the next couple days. I’ll consider doing the GBA version after that if no one else steps up to the plate. (Am I trying to make myself never want to even consider playing this game again?)

  2. Magicxgame says:

    Sweet, I thought you were going to take a lot longer to get through the games.

    Do you want anyone to go through the J2E version? I know it’s a fan translation, but I’m loving the J2E madness. I used to like the translation, but I didn’t know how it really turned out. :O

    • Mato says:

      A kind person actually sent me J2e screenshots from all the main story events, so I have that covered, unless you’re up for getting screenshots from all the non-story stuff and/or just getting ALL the screenshots. Both would be a great help, but both are a lot of work too 😛

  3. Cats says:

    I’ll start getting PSP screenshots to you ASAP. Ran into a snag with my setup that took time to fix, but it’s back on track now! I’m capturing all the video footage as well (with random battles edited out).

    The game also has the ability to change the language to Japanese (as well as french), so I can actually get you that eventually as well. Oddly enough, the playable character names remain in English. Everything else except for numerical numbers appears to be unaffected. If you’re interested in that too, let me know, since it’ll be easier for me to do it side by side. I don’t understand a lick of Japanese so I’d have to have a fresh memory so I’d know what the heck I’d be doing.

    • If the PSP version still supports changing your names, it makes perfect sense that character names wouldn’t be affected by the language option. (Does starting in Japanese give them Japanese names, or does it always default to English?)

    • Mato says:

      Wow, I didn’t know it’d let you switch languages like that. I’m not sure it’s really necessary to get the Japanese screenshots, unless you feel like taking the extra time. I’m assuming the script is essentially the same as the original release, but then again that may be wrong and unknown changes have been made.

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