Legends of Localization Bonus: Super Mario Bros. Trick on NES Top Loader

Last year I wrote about a neat Super Mario Bros. trick well-known by Japanese fans but virtually unknown by anyone outside of Japan – see here for more info.

I never did get around to trying it out for myself even though I now own a Famicom and the Japanese versions of Super Mario Bros. and Tennis, but luckily a fellow by the name of Nathan tried the trick out using the NES carts and the top-loading NES! You can see his write-up here and a video of it in action here:

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One Response to “Legends of Localization Bonus: Super Mario Bros. Trick on NES Top Loader”

  1. Pretty interesting to see it in action. This reminds me of the trick to access Sonic 3’s sound test/level select by using entering the code in Sonic 2, then swapping to Sonic 3 and resetting. Sonic 3’s level select requires ridiculously good timing, so that was how I usually got to the level select until I got a Game Genie. (Not that I did it very often, since Sonic & Knuckles had a much easier method for unlocking level select, which also worked when locked onto Sonic 3.)

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