Gathering Supplies

A few weeks ago I posted about how a Final Fantasy IV for the original Famicom might’ve been further along than most people realized. For reference, see here. I also mentioned finding an issue of the magazine the info supposedly came from – but was unsure if it was the correct issue. Well, I went and bought it anyway, and after the cost of the item, deputy service fees, international shipping, and all that hoopla, it wound up costing me $100 for a random shot in the dark. Thankfully KingDarian helped chip in like $35 of that, so it didn’t sting as much.

The magazine arrived yesterday. It was in amazing, almost like-new condition. I’ve only just quickly skimmed through it but haven’t been able to find the info in question yet. I don’t know if it would be in this issue or not, but at some point I’ll give it a better read-through.

The magazine is actually really cool, much better than magazines these days, and if you’re a fan of retro games like me, this is like discovering a bizarre Japanese Nintendo Power that you never knew about before. That’s not what this is, but it feels like it!

At some point I really want to scan it to share with fellow SNES/SFC fans, but the problem is that my scanner doesn’t work with 64 bit Windows at all, meaning I have to go buy a new one. Also, I’d still like to pick up more issues of this old magazine to try to find this elusive FFIV Famicom info and just find out more interesting FFIV/V/VI stuff in the process – this issue I have alone has lots of cool FFIV coverage, for example. There are more issues of this magazine (which is Dengeki Super Famicom) for sale as I type this (see here) but I can’t honestly afford $100 a pop.

A short while ago a friend of mine suggested doing a Kickstarter for my Legends of Localization stuff, but I’m not inclined to do it because money always complicates things, and accepting people’s money via a Kickstarter would just place more concrete expectations on my shoulders. Still, though, it’d be really nice to be able to afford a new scanner, more issues of Dengeki Super Famicom as they show up, and other supplementary materials for my analysis stuff, so I’m conflicted.

So my question to you, my few readers is this – what do you suggest? Should I do a Kickstarter, just do Paypal donations, or just forego this stuff since it’s not that important?

At the very least I’d like to get this current issue scanned at some point so I can share it with you guys! For now, here are some photos of random stuff from the magazine and the “Square Power Book” that came with it. Again, there’s so much interesting stuff in here, so these photos are probably only a tiny portion of the whole thing!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the Square booklet thing mentions that FFII SNES was supposedly sold before FFIV Easy Type. Although I think this isn’t the case (supposedly Easy Type was sold 2 days before FFII?) it seems to point toward the idea that FFII came first and that Easy Type was based on that (which seems to be my opinion too).

NOTE: Possibly NSFW pic below – if you’re at work you shouldn’t be reading this anyway!

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10 Responses to “Gathering Supplies”

  1. Tonch says:

    What in the WORLD is going on with that one page?! (I’m sure you know which one.)

    As for Paypal vs. Kickstarter, I think you’d probably be safer keeping it Paypal donations. It’s a happy medium– with a Kickstarter, you’d have to do a lot of work setting up exactly what kind of end product people should be expecting, as well as the common practice of giving people incentives for donating certain amounts of money… But there’s no reason to forgo donations altogether.

    So I just think Paypal is sort of the middle-ground. I don’t see why not to do that at the very least!

    • Mato says:

      I’ll be honest – I don’t want to look at that page long enough to find out 😛 It’s about some new thing called “zapping”, which I can only guess is some sort of streaming video idea or something, I dunno. I think the English text makes as much sense as the idea, whatever it is.

      The problem with a Paypal approach is that it’ll have less exposure, but it does seem like the more logical choice. I don’t know what sort of incentives I could even give for a Kickstarter, that’s another reason I’m iffy about it. Maybe I could let people comment on each individual analysis page? I dunno, there’s not much I can think of to give away, heh.

      • Kyosuke says:

        As for incentives, how about doing an e-book type of thing? And then let high-donating people get high-priority voting on what game you do next? It’s what the guy who did the “Reverse Design: Chrono Trigger” Kickstarter did.

        Or if you want to stick with donations, maybe start your own little donation events when you need big things like a scanner or more materials. Make a little page saying “If you donate more than to help me pay for this , Poe will draw something for you, and you’ll get voting rights on what I do next!” or something like that. That way, it wouldn’t be as much pressure as a Kickstarter.

    • Darien says:

      I agree; I think the donations approach is likely to be a better fit. I also agree that *that page* is completely nuts. 😮

  2. WTF?! There’s a sex page in there! Man, I’m at work right now. Luckily there’s only one other person besides me here right now, and i’m on my break, and I’m pretty much free to do whatever as long as the job gets done by the end of the night, but still you might wanna put an NSFW tag on that.

    • Mato says:

      Sorry about that, I didn’t realize people would come here during work, didn’t think it was that interesting of a site 😛 I added a NSFW thing before the pics.

  3. Are those screenshots in SANY0032.jpg explaining the item duplication and Dwarf Castle Warp tricks? (And the PinkPuffs/Flan Princesses, of course.) I wonder how long it took for those bugs to become publicly known – both were fixed for Easy Type, which is another thing that makes it seem like Easy Type was developed after FF2. Strangely, FF2 has a 1.1 revision which doesn’t fix duplication/being able to Warp, but does fix some timer-related bugs that Easy Type also fixes. That makes the release schedule even more confusing, because you’d think all of Easy Type’s fixes would make it into a later version of FF2.

    I think Paypal would probably be a better option, but I don’t know much about how Kickstarter works. Unfortunately, I doubt I’d be able to help out any time soon.

    • Mato says:

      Yeah, that page has a bunch of cool tricks:

      • Item duplication
      • Rare item drops
      • Dark crystal warp trick
      • Auto-level up as a Paladin
      • When it’s okay to unequip members who are about to leave
      • Using item duplication and such to make Edge’s throwing command super useful
      • Steal lots of Alarms for the pink tail stuff
      • Do item duplication in the post-battle treasure menu

      I think there’s even more FFIV coverage in this issue that I didn’t take pictures of, it’s neat to see how much attention it’s still getting even though 5 came out not too long before.

  4. Hey, i just noticed a Mother 2 page. Neat. So is that gonna show up on EBCentral then?

    Also, the English text on that sex page is bizarrely hilarious.

    • Mato says:

      Yeah, I’m gonna post the Mother 2 one in the near future – this was from 1993 so it was still quite a ways away from the game’s actual release. Maybe there’s some interesting info in here 😀

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