Final Fantasy IV Comparison: Fabul

Today we visit fabulous Fabul, full of monks and invasions. A lot happens at this part of the game, so get your reading glasses and then click here!

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  1. The back of the FF4 box has scenes from Fabul, too. Far more interesting scenes, since the party shown simply isn’t possible to have in the final version of the game. Rosa and Rydia are in the party, as is Kain(!), Edward isn’t, young Rydia’s casting Fira and the monsters are from the area outside of Fabul rather than the ones fought during the battle. It’s probably just a debug mode-type screenshot, but it’s always made me wonder if Kain would briefly rejoin the party for the battle at Fabul, only to betray you in the crystal room. There’s no evidence of that in the ROM, though.

    Cecil’s Black sword is called the Hades sword in FF2’s manual. Strangely, his Hades armors are still Darkness in the manual. I’ve always wondered if the change was actually censorship (I’m pretty sure the script still uses “Hades” in other places), or just to add consistency to Cecil’s three tiers of dark knight armor. I spent forever looking for a Darkness shield back in the day…

    • Mato says:

      Whoa, cool. Is there any way you could get a scan or picture of that stuff in FF2’s manual? Sadly I think I only have the cart.

      • SomeUser says:

        You can actually have Young Rydia cast Fira (or Fire 2) if you levelgrind enough. I certainly wouldn’t have the patience, though.

        • Actually, you can’t. She can learn Fire3 if you’re crazy enough to grind that much (I’ve done it), but Fire2, Ice-2, and Lit-2 are given to her via event commands when she rejoins in the underworld. Interestingly, it also gives her Cure2.

          @Mato: Not my scan, but here it is:

          Some other interesting things to note: The HandAxe and Assassin dagger are mentioned, despite not being available in any SNES version. There are some mistranslations (Ice Bland, Gunguil) that were caught before release. Some of the summon magic’s effect descriptions are translations of their spell names in FF4. Also in the Agart part of the walkthrough there’s a line that was censored (“the color of our blood” to the “the color of rubies”).

  2. SomeUser says:

    That “Let’s sleep in the king’s bed!” reminds me of FF3 (NES), where almost the exact same (English fan translation) line was used, but with “queen” or “princess” instead of “king”.

    The “Great now I have a cold” alt text reminds me of MOTHER and possibly EarthBound (never played much of that). In MOTHER those guys in Snowman would sneeze on you and give you colds. :c

  3. Joseph Xu says:

    I always liked the Shadow/Darkness/Black names for the armor. It really sounded less generic than Dark/Hades/Demon, I mean what is that supposed to represent? Darkness set, for a Dark Knight, that makes sense. Hades, hmm… well there are various other references to the Greek Pantheon, so I guess it’s not too out there. But is it supposed to be that they belong to Hades or that they’re from Hell (and Hell happens to be an Underground Waterway, go figure). Demon makes a little less sense, and from a thematic point of view, it almost makes sense that they would be “selling” Black armor there.

    When you look at it as its presented in FFII it’s Shadow/Dark/Black.

    Three levels of impurity that would in theory taint the Dark Knight’s soul further. I just felt that symbolism in that if Cecil had not become a Paladin the dark in the armor and sword would have eventually taken over him.

    Have you heard of the Settei Shiryou Shuu?

    It provides a bit of extra background to the game’s setting. Including adding several characters from the real FFII into it’s lore.

    Minwu becomes the God of Magic that founded Mysidia. Leonhart (Renault?) was apparently the Dark Knight that left the Deathbringer and became a Monk and a bit more of Tellah’s past is revealed.

    Some of these story elements I don’t think ever made it into FFIV or were forgotten about. For instance there’s mention of Tellah as a young man

    “When he was young, he was a famed wise man living in Mysidia, unraveling one ancient magical seal after another with his abilities. One day, however, he unleashed a magic beyond the limits his abilities to control, the effects of which ended up wounding many mages.”

    This almost seems like an early reference to Meteo, bringing destruction to Mysidia showing that despite Tellah being an amazing Sage, he couldn’t control the power he was given.

    That would have been a very interesting plot point to mention, if it was Meteo which he brought down on Mysidia and would show why he forgot his magic, because of the harm he caused.

    • Mato says:

      Whoa, cool. I’d heard of the name of that thing, I never knew what it was though or that it had so much backstory info 😯

    • RACapowski says:

      Hi there; I’m the one who translated the FF4 Settei book. I very much appreciate the interest in it, but I’m afraid the link above leads to an early, more stilted draft of the translation, swiped by that site’s maintainers and posted without my knowledge. I don’t mean to be all Internet Drama here, but for the sake of information integrity, I’ll note that the updated version is at:

      It’s still not perfect, but it’s better than the renegade version at

  4. I never got those head marks either. I knew they were some Shoalin thing, but i still just don’t get it. Maybe one day i’ll get off my lazy ass and look it up or something.

    In my personal opinion, i think Golbex sounds better then Golbeza anyway. I don’t know, just something about that vowel sound at the end just sounds kinda off to me.

    Who’s Chairman Kaga? I really like Goldez’s English VA, though. I think it matches the “cool, intimidating” style of talking that you said the Japanese script has.

  5. I’m not really familiar with that show. The most exposure i’ve had to it was that clip posted on EarthBound Central where Itoi guest judged on it, and when the show was parodied on Futurama.

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