A Look at Final Fantasy IV’s Beer

I often update existing Final Fantasy IV analysis pages with new stuff, whether it’s because of new info someone’s provided, helpful screenshots people have sent in, or what have you. I don’t usually announce these updates, but here’s one I thought would be worth mentioning here: I compared all five translations of the game in regards to the pub in Kaipo. The way each one handles this part actually gives an interesting glimpse into the general style of each translation, so check it out!

Actually, the five translations I’m referring to are:

  • SNES
  • Playstation
  • J2E fan translation
  • GBA
  • DS

But I’m fairly sure there are other translated versions too, like the Virtual Console version and possibly mobile devices. Does anyone know what other translations exist out there and how they might differ, if at all?

As a progress update, I’m up to the magnet cave in my playthrough of all the games. I’m going to play through the games entirely before I get back to making pages, as mentioned before. I decided to use the item duplication glitch to get a ton of money so I didn’t need to grind as much… but they fixed that in Easy Type, ack 🙁

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5 Responses to “A Look at Final Fantasy IV’s Beer”

  1. Emerald Wyvern says:

    Hm… as far as I know, the VC release version is identical to the SNES version. There’s also the Complete Collection version for PSP. I believe the script on that is based on the DS release along with the GBA exclusive stuff.

    • Yeah, VC is the 1.1 version of FF2. They didn’t even bother updating its name in the shop channel – I can understand being too lazy to change the actual title screen graphics, but they could at least call it Final Fantasy IV and mention it was originally released as Final Fantasy II. (They may have done the opposite; it’s been a long time since I looked at the shop page.)

      I haven’t played the PSP version (and I doubt I ever will), but it uses GBA script with the updated names from the DS version. Tom Slattery wanted to adapt his DS script for the PSP version, but left the company before that version was finished:


      It’s a real shame, since the DS version isn’t that great in terms of gameplay, but it’s script was really well-written. It takes quite a few liberties, and like Tomato mentioned in one of the articles, its language and terminology is a bit “flowery,” but overall it’s still the best English script by-far.

      • Emerald Wyvern says:

        I didn’t actually know that about the CC version. I enjoyed it thanks to the complete overhaul of the graphics, but that’s news to me.

  2. Heidi Poe says:



  3. Oh, and to help you out (although I’m not sure why you’d ever need to grind in any non-DS version of FF4), you can copy your Easy Type save to FF2, dupe there, and copy it back with no ill effects, and without the risk of getting FF4 items that were dummied out. All of the SNES versions’ saves are compatible with each other, and since the Japanese version has a full English alphabet in the same place as FF2, names from FF2 will even show up correctly in FF4 and Easy Type provided they don’t use any punctuation.

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