Some New Releases

I often forget to mention when stuff I’ve worked on is out, so here’s some of my more recent stuff:

Panty and Stocking was a lot of fun because I had to translate a little differently than usual to make all the craziness sound more natural. The sheer insanity of the show also made it a bit tougher than usual… so many Japanese pop culture references 😯 It’s also funny because I posted this some years before.

Tales of Vesperia First Strike was a lot of fun too – I pretty much played through the game two weeks straight trying to soak in every last bit of detail about the game and its localization. Then I tried to make it seem like the anime’s translation had been done by the same team – even down to the very slight mannerisms the game localization had given some characters. My buddy Nat had worked on the game’s localization too, so some good info and thoughts were stolen from his brain as well!

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6 Responses to “Some New Releases”

  1. CrouchingMouse says:

    It’s so cool that you went to so much extra trouble to give the Vesperia movie translation that extra layer of care and attention! I finally played the game this past spring and I really liked it, so I’ve gotta see the movie at some point. It’s a little disappointing they could only get a couple of the original game VAs back, but I’ve heard good things about the movie so I’m sure it’ll be great.

    • Mato says:

      Yeah, I was hoping they could get some of the same VAs, but in all honesty most of the characters from the game (besides Yuri and Flynn) only have super duper short cameos, to the point that they didn’t even really need to be in the movie.

  2. I got Panty & Stocking right away when it released back in july, and i love it. It’s probably the funniest damn thing i ever seen. I did spot your name in the credits, though. One thing i’ve been wondering lately: Do you actually work AT Funimation, or do you just work out of the home and mail/email/fax in your translations?

  3. BusterTheFox says:

    Jeez, you get to work on so many cool series’! It may not have been the actual game, but getting to work on any Tales series thing would be awesome to me. VERY cool to know that you tried to make it seem as legit as possible. I’m personally an anime lover, so if I can ever get my hands on an elusive copy of that game, I’ll probably enjoy the movie a lot.

    • Mato says:

      I actually really liked the anime movie – it’s not anything super spectacular but being such a big fan of the game I really enjoyed the new take on the characters and the story.

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