Next Legend of Localization

Now that I got the Zelda localization analysis out of the way, it’s time to start on my next one:

I first played this almost exactly 20 years ago and it wound up being a huge part of my adolescence. It’s probably as important to me and as dear to me as EarthBound, if that means anything 😛 So, even though it’s already been analyzed to death and ported 500000 times, this is what I gotta do 😛

Unlike the Mario and Zelda analyses, I’m gonna update this one bit by bit, like I did with my EarthBound one. The problem is that comparing THREE games at once is a lot of work, so this could be a bit problematic and soul-draining. So I have no idea when it’ll get finished.

I already have tons of interesting little discoveries and I’m not even to the first town yet! So look forward to that – I’ll probably have the first couple pages done in the next week or two!

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2 Responses to “Next Legend of Localization”

  1. KingDarian says:


    Good luck tackling such a text-heavy game. I’m interested in seeing the results.

  2. David says:

    Bravo, my favorite game of all time. I grew up in Sacramento CA I got the “dumbed down” FF2, I was blown away when I played the “original” version (in my case not knowing Japanese, I’m still working on English) it was the TOSE PSX version. I did not care for the slowdown I fell in love with that game. I have bought the GBA version, the DS version and I’m going to buy a PSP Vita for the FF4 Complete Collection. I loved the difficulty of teh DS version but did not like teh chunky DS graphics

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