Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Watery Pass

Today we leave Kaipo and head into the watery cave filled with dangerous sea creatures and confused old men! Today we visit Watery Pass!

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6 Responses to “Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Watery Pass”

  1. Carol says:

    Final Fantasy XI also numbers their curative spells in Japanese, but they do so using Roman numerals instead of Arabic numbers, and only starting from the second lowest spell onward. (ケアル, ケアルII, ケアルIII, etc.) This is identical to the numbering system in the English version. The Cure series of spells are all single target. Cura and Curaga (ケアルラ and ケアルガ) are multi-target spells. Stronger versions of those spells are numbered in the same fashion. Cura gets special bonuses if your current main class is White Mage and you have the ability Afflatus Misery (ハートオブミゼリ)active – otherwise, Curaga packs way more curative punch.

    No idea if FF14 does something similar with their spell lists.

  2. Loving the alt text for the hidden passage comparison. Just had the same realization myself a few weeks ago. The blue “channels” (what we always called them back in the day for some reason) were completely obvious on every TV and monitor I’ve owned in the past, but they’re still almost invisible on the monitor I’m using now. It’s a professional quality CRT with great color, which makes me wonder just how visible they actually intended to make them.

    If I hadn’t played FF2 first, I doubt I ever would’ve found most of these passages in FF4. I checked practically every wall in the game, especially in castles and towns where the passages weren’t made visible, but still missed some of them until recently. I did find the waterfall secret the first time I played the game, but I can’t really remember how I found it anymore.

    • Mato says:

      What’s making it worse for me is that I’ve played the first chapter of FFIV The After Years and memories of secrets in that game have merged with my memories of secrets in FFIV. So I’m always like, “Wait, isn’t there a secret room here? No, I guess not”

  3. The “Remember” ability was called “Recall” in the GBA and DS versions (don’t know about PS, i haven’t played that version). Also, the Recall ability appears in Theatrythem Final Fantasy (a game i love and highly recommend. I’m seriously addicted to it)

    Since i first got into the Final Fantasy series through all the GBA ports, i’m actually quite used to the suffix system for spell names, and find the number system to be awkward and unoriginal. In fact, i think the only game i played that still used the numbering system was FF7 (the most over-rated entry, imo)

    • It was “Recal” in the PSX version due to space limitations. They really didn’t put any effort into expanding the menus or anything for the English version, in fact less effort was put into that than in the SNES version! I’m still amazed that they even bothered implementing a variable width font for the dialogue.

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