Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Mt. Hobs

Today we visit Mt. Hobs, meet a really sneezy karate man, and fight some motherbombing bombs! ACHOOO!

Fabul is up next, and that’s definitely going to take a really long time. And after THAT is Mysidia, and after THAT is Mt. Ordeals, a huge plot area. So just as a heads-up, the pace I’ve been keeping is about to slow down a lot 😛

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11 Responses to “Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Mt. Hobs”

  1. The GBA version uses “yah” “hyah” and “hiyah” in places. I believe the PSX and DS versions did the same thing.

    Your description of Yang’s Endure command is a bit off. It actually casts Protect (which raises defense by 5) on him for no MP; it can’t be used when he’s silenced and the spell can even be reflected! Getting more nit-picky, Store Up also drops Yang’s magic defense to zero while he’s “storing”.

    Endure was probably dropped because the Protect spell was dropped for whatever reason. Store Up might’ve been because of that magic defense thing, or simply because it’s usually more practical to just make two attacks. Yang kills nearly everything outside of bosses in one hit anyway.

  2. Kyosuke says:

    I was wondering, I noticed that throughout your game comparisons, you say that you are being “picky”. Does this mean that you are pointing out things that aren’t good in these localizations? It doesn’t seem like you are trying to put these in a negative light, but when you use the word “picky” it makes me think you are.

    For me, that word has a negative connotation. That’s not how you use it though, right?

    • Mato says:

      Oh, no, by “picky” I just mean I’m pointing out such tiny differences that it doesn’t matter to most people. Things like “!?” versus “?!” are so unimportant to most people, you know? So in a way “picky” does have a bit of a negative connotation, but directed at ME, not the translation 😛

    • Mato says:

      Now that I think about it, I can see how “picky” might come off as the wrong word to use – maybe “nitpicky” would be better, but for me that has a negative connotation, which is probably what you’re feeling. Maybe I should just say “overly detail-oriented” 😛

      • Kyosuke says:

        Okay, I thought so! Yeah, “nitpicky” sounds negative too. I vote for “overly detail-oriented”! Or maybe even say something like “this may seem trivial…”

  3. SomeUser says:

    I agree with you on the “karate pronunciation” thing. Bugs me sooo much!! >.<

    And I kinda like the way the Mother Bomb says "Gonna exploooode!".

    I don't really know how else to end the sentence or how to add on to it, I was thinking maybe something to do with the kana of it? ("Ba ku ha tsu suru!) Now that I've brought it up, I think it would've been nice if it was like "suruuu" or something, and (tangent tangent tangent)

    • SomeUser says:

      i always have to forget something damnit aifdjsdlfk (string of profanity)

      That “ACHOOOOO!” thing is a little stupid. You’d think they would realize it sounds extremely stupid. They could’ve added an “H” to the end or something.

      • Mato says:

        The impression I’m getting from this detailed analysis is that a native English speaker DID go over the script in some very few key points (or maybe just random ones) but for the most part all the rest was left exactly as the translator left it. I’m guessing none of the Achoo stuff got noticed, or maybe it was noticed but wasn’t deemed important enough to go in and find and fix every instance of it.

  4. Much like Rydia, I too was scared of fire for a while after a house fire three months back. I seem to be getting better now. It’s mainly just big flames i’m uncomfortable around, now.

    Having only played the various remakes, I have never heard of the Acho thing. It’s pretty funny hearing about it now.

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