Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Kaipo

Today’s FFIV / FFIV Easy Type / FFII SNES comparison is about Kaipo, the village you probably don’t remember very well 😛 Check it out here!

I’m still worried I’m getting too picky for people, plus at this rate of pickiness it’s gonna take forever to get through the game. I’m still figuring out how to simplify and/or speed up the process.

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14 Responses to “Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Kaipo”

  1. SomeUser says:

    Typo: Training Some More section, “For reference, here’s what the FFIV’s map of Kaipo looks like compared to the Easy Type/FFI map:”, you put “FFI” instead of “FFII”.

    OH MAN, “Someone picked up a sick girl from Baron falling down.” IS SO MUCH WORSE THAN “Do not fight now! Fighting when mist will freeze you with Breath!”
    I’m serious, that made my brain hurt. That…just…what

    • Mato says:

      Thanks, I fixed it!

      The funny thing is that I don’t recall really noticing how bad that grammar was back in the day. I wonder what other lines like that there are.

  2. Joseph Xu says:

    Interesting that Cecil originally tried to invoke the King’s name in trying to have Rydia spared. What’s more curious is that this fellow is a General who travels around with only two soldiers when technically I would assume he outranks Cecil by quite the amount.

    • Mato says:

      That reminds me, I’ve never been able to kill that general in battle. I wonder if it’s possible.

      • It’s definitely possible to kill him. You need to leave one of the Baron Soldiers alive to stop him from retreating, or use the Copper Hourglass you get in Baron on them in the normal version. If there are any soldiers left alive when the general dies, they’re given confuse status and attack themselves! Works with the captains and marines at Fabul, too.

        It’s easiest to kill the general in the WSC, GBA and DS versions since those do away with the enemy back row for whatever reason. I’m not sure about the PSP version; I know The After Years had rows and it ran on an updated GBA engine, which I assume they used for all of the PSP version, so they should be back.

  3. ALS says:

    Great update! RE: SECRET QUESTION – I’m playing through FFIV DS while reading the blog and it’s pretty nifty! Judging by your comparisons, it seems to do a good job of naturally capturing the essence of the original script while avoiding any occasional ’90s surfer dude’ excesses like that funky GBA Baron kid. But I only ever owned the PS anthology version so what do I know?! P.S looking forward to find out what the Dark Elf says originally that’s resulted in a decade of schizophrenic re-translations. FFII’s shrill, angst-y teenage Dark Elf is clearly the best!

    • Mato says:

      Some people have written in saying that that GBA line was actually quoting an Internet in-joke. I should update the page about it sometime.

      I don’t remember much about the Dark Elf’s Japanese text so this’ll be a good chance to see it again. I didn’t know that his text was a problem in the re-translations though.

  4. Several Points:

    I definitely think you should give the DS verison another chance. It’s more difficult, but i like the new look/sound of it.

    Even though typography was probably my best subject when i was studying to be a graphic artist, i still never heard of an interrobang.

    I love the Three Stooges as much as the next guy, but why does this game remind you of them?

    Some of the jokes about Rydia, such as calling her honey or putting her in your rear made me laugh, but also feel guilty cuz of the creepy thing with her age and all.

    The DS version changes SandRuby to Sand Pearl, which imo makes more sense considering where it comes from.

    • Mato says:

      I think what also put me off the DS version was all this weird new stuff they added to the gameplay. I forget what they were but it changed things a lot. Maybe it made it better, I dunno. I’ll probably try it again sometime, I can’t remember if I still have it or if I sold it.

      I associate FFII with the stooges because that’s when I first really got into them – every Sunday morning at 11:00 am there’d be an hour of the Three Stooges, and I’d play FFII before it while waiting and then play it afterward too. So it was a big “whaaaaa…?” when the Stooges were in the sequel!

      I was hoping those secret texts would make people laugh and then suddenly go, “Wait… that’s creepy… Why did I laugh at that?” 😛

    • The DS version felt really imbalanced to me. I’m all for making a harder version of the game for fans of the original, a real “hard type”, but FF4 DS did it in a stupid way. Take the Helldivers outside of Baron; they originally only attacked physically. They were given the Cockatrice’s stone beak skill in the DS version, plus their physical attack can inflict stone status. This means that it’s very possible to run into a group of three Helldivers and get both Cecil and Kain turned to stone before they even get to attack. It’s idiotic; it’s like something from a bad ROM hack. Later battles had monsters get nastier attacks when alone, like the Chimera, so of course those monsters were altered to use those attacks all the time in the DS version, practically making them into random encounter boss battles. It feels “dumbed down” in a way because of that, even though it’s harder.

      I really disliked the augment system, too. Some of them were okay, but the system removes the one thing that really makes FF4 unique among the series, that every character has their own set abilities and aren’t clones of one another. FF9 is the only other game I thought really got characters right.

      I love the new English script; that’s the only part of the game I thought was done right. I could probably write my own article just ranting about that version of the game. The GBA version may have been buggy and slow, but at least it left the game balance alone for the most part.

  5. Kyosuke says:

    Even if a translation uses a different expression to get the meaning across, I say ignore it. Like if the literal Japanese is “Wait!” and the translation is “Don’t go!” If the meaning is basically the same, and it’s just a basic localization issue, pass it. Just because something isn’t word-for-word doesn’t mean you have to put time into adding it. Stuff like that comes with the territory in localization, and I don’t think it deserves being noted.

    Only add something if you come across it and say to yourself “Hm, interesting”, otherwise, you’re gonna make yourself go crazy and waste time that you could be spending on more import things!

  6. Kyosuke says:

    For example, your entry on the little boy in Kaipo, “Seein’ Snakes”. If it was me, I wouldn’t even have mentioned it. This is why (in order of the points you made in your entry):

    1. A kid may not know or remember or care about the name of the waterway, so it doesn’t exactly mean that it was inconsistent.

    2. Since the game is filled with this kind of stuff, I would just say so once and then give a few examples in one section instead of mentioning every one.

    3. Taking out the Japanese mention of “recent” in English isn’t that interesting or important enough to mention.

    4. Adding information like “big” isn’t that interesting or important enough to mention.

    5. Just because the kid decides to state it like a fact in English doesn’t really make much difference.

    6. As long as the English is giving correct information here, I don’t see it being very interesting.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m only bringing this up because I want you to save yourself time.

    • Mato says:

      Yeah, I’m still trying to find my “way” with this FFIV stuff. When I go through all my screenshots I do do (heh) the “hmm is this interesting” thing, problem is I love the game so much that there’s very little I DON’T find interesting 😛

      I was calculating it and roughly estimating that it’ll take me 20 hours to get through the game (I remember doing it in 10 – 12 hours a long time ago), that’s 60 hours just playing through all three versions of the game. Then multiple each one of those by maybe four to ten hours for the actual page work and that’s a whole lotta hours to get this entire thing done, yikes.

      But I’ve found that as I work on it it doesn’t feel like work though. So right now my plan is to at least try to get to Mysidia and then play it by ear from there.

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