Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Damcyan

Do you like spoons? Do you like bards?

Well, have I got just the thing for you!

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12 Responses to “Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Damcyan”

  1. SomeUser says:

    When I saw “Kisama are a kawaii baka neko fujiyama honda toyota” I laughed for like 5 minutes straight.

    Also on the Bard of Spoons section, is “part” in “How dare you do this to my daughter part” supposed to be in the quotes? Just wondering, since it makes sense either way.

    I think the change from Gilbert to Edward was just fitting it in the character limit. The fan translation uses Gilbert (but in battle it has a special “il” character so it fits). Maybe. It’s been a while since I played FF4.

  2. The PSX version is basically a straight port of the original game. I actually really like it because of that; I wish the GBA version had been the same. It’s not plagued by long load times like FF6 and Chrono Trigger’s ports were, either. Strangely, its translation is partially a port of the SNES version. A lot of the item, magic, and monster names were retained. The dialogue seems to be brand new; its script was touched up and used for the GBA version and later the PSP version. On the Japanese side, Gilbert is a Bard in that version, like in Easy Type.

    You’re not the only one to make that RPG Maker comparison, either. It seems to be a common way of describing the PSP ports of this, FF1 and FF2.

    Gilbert definitely wasn’t used because of length restrictions. Names only allow six characters; even if they had expanded that, there’s just no room in most windows for seven without completely rearranging them. What I find interesting is that, in the FF2 (NES) English prototype, Richard was also renamed Edward. I’d say someone at Square just liked the name.

    Still on the subject of Edward, the removal of his Medicine command introduced a bug. After you bring him back from hiding, you can select the empty command slot. It completely freezes him for the rest of the battle. The Medicine command is utterly worthless though; you forgot to mention that it consumes a Potion, and it splits the healing from the Potion, so it heals next-to-nothing. Even at the point you first get him, it’s not enough healing to be worth using since Rydia’s Cure spell heals a lot more for only 3 MP.

    Long comment is long.

    • Mato says:

      Oh, cool, I didn’t think to check if he used a potion or not, that makes sense.

      I do recall hearing about Edward having a bug, it sounds like that was it. I’ll add a thing about that to the page in a while, seems like a good thing to mention.

      • SomeUser says:

        I remember playing FF4 and I was like “oh medicine what does this do”
        *uses Medicine*
        *everyone gets 7 hp*
        “Oh, okay, that’s really cr-”
        *checks items because I have to heal*
        *potion gone*
        *Rydia has no MP because I Bolted the hell out of all the enemies*

  3. I like how you pointed out the pronunciation of Damcyan. That’s another thing i like about the DS version is that the voice overs allow me to hear how certain names are pronounced like that. Imagine my surprise to find out i’ve been saying Cecil wrong all this time.

    I love the Spoony Bard line. Hey Mato, do you know of the internet celebrity The Spoony One. Obviously he took his name from that line, and he does some hilarious reviews of FFVIII, FFX, and FFX-2, where he points out their faults and how the FF series was better in the Nintendo days. If you haven’t seen his videos, i highly recommend you check them out. They’re hilarious.

    I assume Gilbert reminds you of Problem Child cuz Gilbert Godfrey is in it. Lol, yeah, when i hear that name i immediately think of him, too.

    Anyway, great stuff, as usual. Keep up the good work.

  4. Heidi Poe says:

    “I can’t even count the number of times I’ve encountered incorrect English by a Japanese creator or licensor. Maybe I’ll talk in more detail about that another day.”

    Yes, please do that! 😀

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