Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Antlion Cave

Today we venture into the Antlion Cave, kill some bugs, pour light on a girl, and then talk to dead ghost girlfriends!

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2 Responses to “Final Fantasy IV Comparison Update: Antlion Cave”

  1. In the later ports, Toroia is called Troia, which to me sounds more natural.

    The comment about Uwa and fan translations is an example of why i dislike most fan-translations. A lot of them do stuff like that where they don’t translate certain words or phrases. A good example would be a fan sub of Yu-Gi-Oh i once saw where they kept saying “Yami Games” in the subtitles instead of Darkness Games or Shadow Games or whatever the proper translation is. It just comes off as annoying to me. I watched subbed versions (and dubbed) cuz i DON’T speak Japanese, so quit leaving so much in.

  2. I’ve been curious about how FF2 and Easy Type were developed since I first learned that they’re not the same game. I haven’t been able to find any hard evidence of the order they were actually made in. It’s made even stranger by the fact that FF2 can’t just be an unfinished “prototype” of Easy Type, since Easy Type restores things that FF2 cuts. Easy Type definitely has the most changes to its engine, since it fixes the duplication bugs, which neither revision of FF2 does.

    As for the commands, they cut the nearly useless ones, most of which were also prone to failure. Cecil’s Darkness is the only command I think FF2 was really lacking, since it gives him a convenient way of soloing groups of enemies in the few short times he’s alone. I’m not at all surprised about Aim being left in since it really helps Rosa as an archer, but Sing being left in seems inconsistent with the other cuts. I guess they didn’t want to take the one bard-like ability Edward had away from him.

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