FFIV Comparison Update: Mist

Today I updated the FFIV comparison stuff with a page about your first trip to Mist. Nothing too crazy in there, at most maybe a trick some people maybe never heard of.

Check it out here!

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4 Responses to “FFIV Comparison Update: Mist”

  1. Carl says:

    I really like your point about yes/no answers and negatively-worded questions. They can be confusing just in ordinary English writing; I’ve never thought about how they might make things that much more difficult when translating from another language. I know some very rudimentary Japanese, but I didn’t realize that “hai” and “iie” don’t quite map to “yes” and “no.” That’s a really interesting point.

  2. SomeUser says:

    The yes/no thing really bugs me in English. Like, if someone says,
    “You’re not going back?”
    Logically, you would say “yes”, as in “Yes, I am not going back.”
    For some reason the correct answer would be “no”, which would sort of be a double negative, which means you ARE going back.
    If you aren’t going back, the answer is always “no”, whether it’s “Are you going back?” or “You’re not going back?” It’s really annoying.

  3. SomeUser says:

    Um, a comment related to the article,
    “Do not fight now! Fighting when mist will freeze you with Breath!”
    I don’t even know how you can make this sentence, I know it’s translated, but you’d think they would proofread the text!
    I would use
    “If you attack when the dragon is mist, it will counter with Breath!” or something like that.
    “Attacking the dragon while it’s mist will make it use Breath!”, maybe?
    There’s so many better ways you could write that sentence.

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